5 Tips About Biometric Gun Safe You Can’t Afford To Miss

5 Tips for Biometric Gun SafeSo while we think that biometric gun safes are much safer than the standard safes, we still have a few elements that we would like you to do. These features may improve the safety of your safe:

#1 Always Keep the Scanner Clean

As technology is continuously advancing, more and more techniques are being tried out to try and fake the fingerprint of a safe owner. Our bodies tend to leave a liquid oil trace behind on things we touch and our fingerprints may stick to the objects. Our fingerprints may also allow dirt to attach to the keypad and this may be an indication of the most used buttons.

If your safe does not have a timeout, it will allow intruders to guess your code. People will then have the ability only to apply pressure and this may fool the scanner into thinking that it is you. Sometimes you might be in a rush and then forget to ensure that the scanner is wiped.

To make sure that your safe cannot be fooled, it is very highly advised to keep a cloth near the safe and to wipe the scanner and the keypad every once in a while. We like to encourage users to add a cloth to a table next to the safe or anywhere close by. By seeing the cloth, you will always remember to wipe your fingerprints of the scanner.

#2 Change Your Code Often

Sometimes we are scared to change our codes and we fear that we might forget the code. Many of these safes are already fitted with backup override keys that will ensure that you are never locked out of your safe.

By changing your code often, you will make sure that someone cannot use the dust trail to try and guess your code. This will force them to try and pry open your safe and most of these safes are designed with anti-pry features. Here’s a quick video on how to change the code of your gun safe:

#3 Check Your Batteries More Often and Make Sure They are Charged

While some safes use rechargeable batteries, others rely on lithium ion batteries that will require you to recharge them a few times a year. Having these always charged or at full strength will ensure that the technology part does not let you down. It has been proven time and time again that electronic locks are much harder to pry open with standard burglary tools.

Sometimes we rely too much on batteries and forget about them. This will spell a lot of trouble if you need to access your firearm quickly and it is extremely important always to make sure that your batteries are fully charged or that you have backup AA size batteries if your safe happens to use them. We encourage people to use the keypad every now and again as this will more likely give you signs if the batteries are weak or dying.

#4 Have a Backup Opening System in Place

While many safes will offer you override keys, some may only give you the keypad. If you get into the habit of using the biometric system, it may be easy just to forget the code or even misplace the keys.

We encourage users always to have their keys on hand and this is especially vital in a dangerous situation when you may require speed to ensure you beat the situation.

#5 Full Scan of Your Safe

Be sure to do a thorough checkup of your safe at least once every six months. This will notify you if everything is in order and if you need to change anything. The important note is that everything has a certain lifetime and should be checked just to make sure that you are never caught off guard when your life may be in danger.

These five tips are very important to consider once you have bought the perfect gun safe and they will make sure that you always get the results that you are looking for. We would recommend adding a note with these tips to your calendar, so you are reminded to do these checkups and follow these safety guidelines.

If you remember to adhere to these guidelines, you are sure to get the most use out of your biometric gun safe and you will never be caught flat-footed or having to struggle to open your safe.

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