How to Choose a Reliable Biometric Gun Safe?Biometric system is being adopted in a number of gun safes as this is the most reliable way of security. They give the user the ability to have fast and efficient access to their belongings. But not all biometric gun safes are the same and some are a little bit better than others. Once again it is worth noting that more expensive does not necessarily make the safe better and sometimes you will be able to save a few extra bucks when looking for a biometric gun safe.

Quality matters in all aspects of life, but nowhere does It matter more than when it comes to the protection of your valuables. Most of the valuables we have cannot be replaced and they have extreme sentimental value because of the fact that they have been inherited. We need to keep these safe and it is imperative that you take note of these 5 tips to help you get the perfect biometric gun safe.

What to Consider Purchasing a Biometric Gun Safe?

I have scoured many people’s opinions on biometric gun safes and finally come up with a few secrets that people do not necessarily look for when they tend to buy a biometric gun safe. These secrets do not come with any additional cost and they will not push up the long-term cost of your safe either, therefore, once you find a safe with these secrets already attached, it is something to latch on and spend the money as it will become a long-term investment.

#1 Not All Fingerprint Scanners are The Same

People do not ask this question enough, but it is important to know what the quality of the fingerprint scanner is. The scanners used by FBI grade safes can be incorporated in a simple household safe and many people have done so to ensure that they have a perfect fingerprint scanner.

The one advantage of these FBI fingerprint scanners is that they need you to register your fingerprint in multiple ways. This will ensure that from no matter which angle you scan the finger, the lock will still open. These fingerprint scanners are also less likely to let you down and smudge your fingerprint; therefore, they will be great for use around children.

Cheaper fingerprint scanners have a few not so good points that could potentially let you down and children might be able to play them open and then they will have access to your firearms. The better fingerprints scanners are a little more expensive and it will be a lifelong investment as they will never let you down.

#2 Live Action Bolt Locking Features

Harder to break open and more reluctant to expand when it comes under pressure, these live action bolts will keep your items safe for a longer period of time and they will require the intruder to use more time and equipment to get through the door.

If you manage to find a reinforced steel door, this can really come in handy and you will be able.Live action bolts are much better than simple hook and clips and they will not budge on impact. This will be a huge benefit to people with car safes as well and you will know that if someone wrecks your car, you will still have a protected safe.

#3 Internal Hinges

This is something that many people neglect when it comes to their safes and they do not pay enough attention to detail. Having internal hinges can be a minor thing to some, but when we look at the number of burglaries around the world today, it is something that should be advertised more.

Hinges are like the weak point of safes and they are usually targeted because the intruder has the knowledge that the door can be opened in the reverse direction once these hinges have been taken off. If the hinges are on the inside of the safe, it will become much harder to pry open the safe and you will have more peace of mind when you are not near the safe.

#4 Reinforced Steel Door

When looking at a safe, it is easy to see that the door has been added separately and is another piece of the construction so shortcuts might have been taken to install the biometric fingerprint feature. This will be a huge target for intruders and they might try to drill their way through your thin metal plated door. Having reinforced steel will hinder them and slow them down significantly, allowing you the time to get there or to scare them off.

No door is impenetrable and you can get through everything with the right equipment, but a reinforced steel door is a must. The reinforced metal will also add more weight to the safe and once it has been bolted down and mounted, the safe is going nowhere. We recommend spending the extra bucks on this feature if you love your smaller safe, but you could also look for a safe with this already incorporated.

#5 Computer Processing Abilities

Unlike the computer you have at home, these computers are much smaller and therefore they can be overloaded by intruders to try and break open the safe. Luckily most biometric safes do have a backup key system, but this can be dodged if you use a strong computer in the safe.

Better computers mean better features and some of these terrific safes also have apps and even notification alarms and sensors that will notify you or make a loud noise if someone is trying to pry open the safe. This feature will be very beneficial as a measure of childproofing your safe and it will ensure that you know if something is wrong.

#6 Battery Power and Longevity

The battery is important and it brings everything together, so you need to ensure that your safe has a quality battery fitted. The bigger the safe, the bigger the locking mechanism and the more power will be pulled from the batteries when you use the safe. Smaller compact safes have multiple features, but these features only use up a little of the overall battery and this is great for sustainability.


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