Best Floor Safe Reviews If you have an idea of key factors to choose the right kind of floor safe, we would like to provide you with what we feel to be are the very best floor safes that are available. Surely, one or more of these is likely to be the perfect option for you.

PreviewFloor SafeRatingPrice
Stealth Floor Safe B1500 In-Ground Home Security Vault Review#1 Stealth Floor Safe B1500 In-Ground Home Security Vault
Tracker Safe FS121514-DLG Steel Floor Safe Review#2 Tracker Safe FS121514-DLG Steel Floor Safe
Protex IF-1500C Floor Safe Review#3 Protex IF-1500C Floor Safe
Stealth Floor Safe B2500 In-Ground Home Security Vault Review#4 Stealth Floor Safe B2500 In-Ground Home Security Vault
Protex IF-1212SC Floor Safe Review#5 Protex IF-1212SC Floor Safe

#1 Stealth Floor Safe B1500 In-Ground Home Security Vault

Stealth Floor Safe B1500 In-Ground Home Security Vault Review

Editor Favorites
  • Safe door is both pry and drill resistant
  • Weight makes it so you can install the safe on your own
  • Adequate internal storage space
  • Digital locking mechanism allows you to program your own code
  • The use of three one-inch locking bolts keeps to store secure
  • No internal padding for the safe
  • Exterior is not powder coated
One of the disappointing parts about many of the floor safes that we have reviewed is that the standard model does not come with a digital lock. This is one of the few that we have found. The benefits to this is that many of the combination locks that we’ve seen consumers have reported challenges related to them. The digital lock eliminates this.

This is a type I electronic lock, approved for the highest level of security. You are able to program your own code into the safe, which makes it a lot easier to remember what the code is.

This is the perfect size safer most people. The length is 12.5” by 14.5 inches wide and has a depth of 12.375 inches. Unfortunately, the interior is not padded, but you can purchase accessories that will allow you to provide greater protection for your valuables inside the safe.

The door is secured by three solid steel locking bolts that are 1 inch in diameter. With the resilience of these locking bolts and the design of the door this safe is one of the best pry resistant models you were going to find on the market. Plus, the ½ inch steel plate door is drill resistant as well.

The product weighs 73 pounds, giving you enough flexibility to be able to install it on your own. It comes with a backplate that helps to provide greater security in the concrete framework. Truly a fantastic model that you will find ideal for your home or business.

#2 Tracker Safe Steel Floor Safe

Tracker Safe Steel Floor Safe Review

Editor Favorites
  • Comes with a key lock
  • Uses 11gauge steel for the framework of the body
  • All mounting hardware is included
  • Plenty of interior storage space which is easy to access
  • Because of its design, a person can use a crowbar to pry the safe from its location
  • It is not a very sophisticated lock that is used
Most of the floor safe you will find have been designed with a greater depth, but this is the exception. This safe is designed in a rectangular shape, allowing you to have greater access to items because your viewing area of them is increased.

This product is 6.6 inches long by 13.4 inches wide by 4.9 inches deep. It gives very much the kind of look of a strongbox, and allows you to place a tray inside the safe to add greater organization. At 17.5 pounds, it is also easy to install.

The door is kept secure through the use of two locking bolts that are 0.75 inches in diameter. The door itself is made of a 0.25 inch thick steel plate, which has been designed to make it drill resistant. Plus, the overall design of the framework of the door greatly decreases the ability of a person to pry the door open.

One feature that makes this different than any of the other models we have reviewed is the fact that this safe comes with a keylock. This provides two benefits, starting with the fact that the safe does not have to be deeper into the floor to make it invisible.

A felt carpeted liner protects the interior of the safe, and to help you secure the safe in place all of the mounting hardware is included. For a person looking for a great option for a floor safe for their home, you really can’t go wrong with this one.


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