Stack-On GCG-910-DS Steel 10-Gun Security Cabinet Review

Stack-On GCG-910-DS Security Cabinet ReviewStack-On GCG-910 cabinet holds 10 shotguns or rifles. It is built with a steel shelf you can use for storage or the shelf could be removed by you. Protect your firearms and valuables against theft with this particular Stack-On GCG-910-DS 10-Gun Protection Cabinet. It comes with a very high-gloss, dark epoxy paint finish with gold highlights on the cabinet doorway for a stylish look.

The Stack-On GCG-910 Gun Cabinet can be the safest solution to shop your guns. Made with the comfort and ease and usability of most gun enthusiasts, Stack-On does not compromise cost for high quality. This Stack-On cabinet is authorized from the California Department of Justice as conference their standards with regard to securely storing guns.

Stack-On GCG-910 includes a three-point security program with a key-coded also, double-bitted secure. It really is manufactured from welded steel, has a strengthened doorway and comes with a locking bar that secures this in three various locations. This metal protection cabinet is small plus can be fitted in any limited space. For more details read the following product review.

Features of Stack-On GCG-910-DS Security Cabinet

Stack-On GCG-910-DS Security Cabinet Review

  • Item Weight: 56.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 13. 5″ x 17″ x 53″
  • Product Model Number: GCG-910-DS
  • Special Feature: Impact Proof

Editor Favorits

  • Key lock offers easy access
  • Double-bitted, important coded lock along with 3-point locking program
  • Durable metal construction
  • Pre-drilled anchoring holes, plus fastening hardware is roofed with the cabinet
  • Gloss black finish along with chrome accents
  • Foam padding is roofed for all interior shelves plus the bottom of the cabinet to safeguard gun finishes


  • This cabinet won’t protect your guns from water or fire
  • Shutting system is a little bit difficult to operate and the Key becomes jammed sometimes

The actual metal sheet is light-weight relatively, but it could keep the firearms secure to the known level I need. It’ll be mounted to a wall in a closet. As others suggest, it is advisable to remove any baseboard in the certain area where it really is mounted.

This steel security cabinet keeps 10 guns or shotguns up to 52″ tall. The top shelf offers extra storage or even is removable, so you can store your long guns easily. The cabinet includes a foam padded bottom plus barrel part rests. Moreover, it offers 3-point securing program with important coded & double-bitted secure. It also includes a shelf that is situated in the trunk of the cabinet, so longer guns could be stored in leading of it. Stack-On 10-gun protection cabinet offers 6 cu feet keeping capacity.

Stack-On GCG-910-DS 10-Gun Security Cabinet

You can position the particular self-stick foam sits in a different way for the guns with scopes compared to those without scopes (much less the particular instructions indicate). The particular shelf is little but gives space for the longer guns.

This is a safe, locked cabinet that may store rifles easily. It isn’t open fire proof. It isn’t likely to endure long towards a ready determined thief. It’ll protect guns from kids and noisy guests. So this product is highly recommended.

How to Install/ Set up the Safe?

  • Install the shelves before mounting the cabinet to a wall.
  • Set up each shelf along with 10-32 nut products and bolts.
  • Place foam mat in bottom part associated with cabinet.
  • Remove the best opening plugs from the cupboard by pressing out of the within the cabinet.
  • Place the GCG-910 at the top and assemble along with 1/4-20 nut products and bolts. Usually do not tighten bolts.
  • Drill 3/16″ pilot holes in to the wall studs plus safe the GC-500-5 cabinet to the walls using lag bolts plus washers.
  • Tighten up the bolts that will connect the cupboards.
  • Screw the particular scope stand-off in to the pilot hole of the actual barrel rest. The scope stand-off will function for most combinations of guns with scopes properly.

Benefits of Using this Product

Sturdy and Nice Looking
This best gun safe under 1000$ arrived promptly plus in undamaged condition. The natural paint with precious metal trim has an appealing classic look. Heavy sheet-metal building should keep out anyone without plenty of time and an extremely big crowbar or screwdriver. The foam is quite light weight but does the job well.

Affordable Cost
This Stack on 10 gun cabinet is an extremely basic style created to offer minimum but adequate safety at an extremely inexpensive price. They delivered on that goal definitely. There are no major whistles and bells here, a solid steel box just, solid metal doorway, and difficult lock.

Compact Plus Fit Anywhere
The exterior measurements are an elevation of 53 inches a width associated with 17 inches, along with a depth of 13.5 inches. It is not actually much bigger but it is really a little deeper. It’s still small enough to match almost anywhere.

Completely Light-Weight
It is very lightweight and weighing in a shade more than 68 pounds and that means you will most likely desire to make use of the pre-drilled installation holes on the back plus bottom, but it will not be considered a big issue obtaining the rifle cabinet in place to do so.

Simple to Use
The gun safe has a few extras, nonetheless it is really simplified. Of course there’s a locking mechanism which is an integral secure. It’s secure, simple to use, and the main element itself is double-sided with regard to just a little extra safety.

Plenty of Storage Capacity
Stack-On GCG-910 keeps maximum of 10 guns or shotguns which are around 52″ high. A metal best shelf offers storage for keeping bullets, pistols or some other small components. At the same time, it could be removed to generate additional space. The shelf is put in the relative back, so longer guns could be stored in leading of it.

This Stack-On 10-gun security cabinet has a unitary doorway and includes a foam-padded bottom part and barrel or clip rests to lessen the opportunity of scratches. So read the above gun safe reviews carefully and I think you will be able to select the best one.

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