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Frontier Under bed gun safe Security Box XGB461406#1 Frontier Under bed gun safe Security Box XGB461406
SnapSafe Trunk Safe#2 SnapSafe Trunk Safe
V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe#3 V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

#1 Frontier Under bed gun safe Security Box XGB461406

Frontier Under bed gun safe Security Box XGB461406 Review

Editor Favorites
  • Beautifully designed safe that provides a pullout tray that makes it easier to access your valuables
  • Provides space for long rifles if you remove the tray
  • Light enough to make it portable
  • Sharp looking safe that is coated to give it a great finish
  • This is really more of a cabinet than a safe, as the locking mechanism is not built to be a major deterrent
  • Is not pry resistant, fireproof, or waterproof
  • Tray is known to stick, making it so you need to remove it altogether
This is another large size under bed gun safe that provides you with plenty of room. The safe is 41.7 inches long and 11.2 inches wide, giving you a large amount of storage space. However, it is only about 1.5 inches high, limiting the kinds of weapons you would be able to store and here.

There is a pullout tray that is attached to each side, making it easy for you to be able to slide in and out of your safe. However, that reduces down some of the space you would have for a long rifle, taking this more of a safe for those who have a number of handguns. To add additional space to the safe you would have to remove the tray if you want to store a shotgun or other long rifle.


Mounting holes are included, allowing you to secure the safe to the floor underneath your bed or another location. It is built of a heavy duty construction and is powder coated finished to make sure that has a great design to it. It’s not only a sharp looking safe, but one that you can feel confident in its durability.

The locking mechanism uses a standard keylock, and two are provided. The safe weighs about 60 pounds, making it easy to slide or to take with you.

#2 SnapSafe Trunk Safe

SnapSafe Trunk Safe Review

Editor Favorites
  • Perfect for hunters & gun collectors
  • Extremely affordable in terms of its features & storing capabilities
  • Approved by various law enforcement agencies
  • Keypad lock may occasionally glitch
  • No way of knowing when batteries are flat
Originally this heavy, but the compact safe was designed for law enforcement to carry along. But over time more and more people like hunter have started to adopt an added safe for their motor vehicles. The safe features a 14 gauge steel body and the door is made from 7 gauge steel. This will ensure quality and make the safe pry-resistant.

The safe also features 2 carry handles that will make it great for moving to the living quarters if you should be on a hunting trip. We do not recommend leaving the safe in your vehicle overnight as vehicles are not designed to protect firearms.

Internally the safe is big enough to store a couple of rifles and other valuable items. This safe is great for travelers and you will be able to rest assured that nothing will get damaged. The safe has also been fitted with internal foam to allow you the freedom of storing your rifle with the scope still attached.

Furthermore, the safe also features exceptionally high-quality gas-powered shocks. These shocks will ensure that the door stays open and you can easily access your firearms.

SnapSafe® Trunk Safe

The safe is made from very high quality and the inward bent hinges will ensure that it is pry-resistant. The safe features keypad locking system that will allow you to easily and quickly open the safe with a 6-8 digit code.

To ensure that you always have access to the safe, you will have the added benefit of 2 high-quality backup keys. If you do not like the electronic locking system, you will have the opportunity to simply ditch it and revert back to the traditional locking method.

The electronic features are all powered by 2 AA batteries. This means that you need to keep an eye on the batteries to ensure that they are always fully charged.

The safe has been approved by the California Department of Justice and various other law enforcement entities. Many of the law enforcement agencies are currently still using this safe and they highly recommend the safe to constant travelers.

We are really intrigued by the ability to mount the safe to your vehicle easily. This will be a great benefit for travelers and we agree with law enforcement agencies that this safe is a must have for hunters that travel long distances. The safe can easily be mounted using a very high-quality cable and will not need any specialized equipment.


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