Why Choose a Biometric Gun Safe Rather Than a Traditional Safe?

Many people simply just like to buy things that are biometric and they believe that it is the best because of the expensive prices. The truth is that they are only more expensive because more expensive and advanced technology has been used to craft them.

Mechanical locking safes are also well-designed and strong, but they are a little cheaper and therefore some people think that the quality is lower, but for those that do know about pricing and how technology affects it, they will be able to make smarter choices between which gun safe goes where.

We have decided to see why it is better to have a biometric gun safe rather to choose a mechanical or simplex push button locking system that will be much cheaper and also much safer than any standard combination locking system.

The Advantages of Biometric Gun Safes

Burglars have always found ways to break into the gun safe, through specialized tools, they are also able to find out password combinations. Occurrence of such types of incidents has lead both users and manufacturers towards more advanced type of locking systems. Right now, one of the most reliable locks for safes have biometric technology.

Biometric technology uses human finger prints or retinal scans as an identification and unlocking system. At the time of purchase, the users fingerprints and scans are taken and fed into the system, after which only the owner of the safe can open it. There is no other way for the lock to open, as human body is unique to each individual person and cannot be replicated.

  1. Highly Reliable

    Biometric safes are being used at large, not only by individuals holding firearms but also by shops, rifle academies, hunting institutions, etc. These places need biometric gun safes as they have a large collection of rifles, and unauthorized use by anyone visiting them, will lead them into trouble along with the shooter. Individuals too, need to invest in biometric safes, as they are extremely reliable when it comes to safety and security.The safes can also be used to store and safe keep other valuable possessions along with the guns. There is the least chance that anyone other than the owner will be able to break open the biometric safes. Also, these safes are made fire proof and water proof.

  2. Customized to User

    Biometric safes belonging to each individual user, will use only their body scans to customize the locks. The locks can also consist of combinations of mechanical and key systems, along with the biometric recognition. This will increase the safety of ones belongings and make it a difficult task for anyone trying to gain unauthorized access.

  3. Easy Access to Users

    Biometric safes, help users to avoid the fuss of keys and recalling passwords. Keys and passwords are a thing of the past now. Even smart phones unlock with the help of a finger swipe. Safes, are operated in the same manner, they can be unlocked and locked in the matter of seconds. This gives the user quick access to their possession, once retrieved, the door can simple be locked shut. The door thus, automatically shuts itself till the user scans their finger or retina.

  4. Safety From Theft

    With time and effort, most thieves are able to pry open traditional lockers and safes easily. The biometric safe on the other hand, cannot be opened unless the thief has access to the owner. The owner and only the owners scans will open the locker door, without which, any amount of trouble taken proves unsuccessful for burglars. Once the safes are secured to the floor or wall, one can be rest assured that their possessions are not going anywhere. Since the biometric impressions are unique they cannot be stolen or copied on to any other person’s finger.

  5. Locking Gun Safe Just By Fingerprints

    There are a number of gun safes with different mechanisms for the security in them, like the code lock, hand lock etc. There is one more method which is the most efficient of all and that is the biometric way. Biometric is being adopted in a number of gun safes as this is the strongest way of security. It cannot be stolen, like the code locks neither can be broken like the traditional locks.

    Biometric gun safes are the most secure devices with highest level of security possible. Biometrics is the science of locking mechanism using the human finger impressions. We all know that every human finger impression is unique and it cannot be matched or copied with any other human being. That is why; it is the strongest and most reliable and secures way of gun safes. By locking a gun safe with one’s finger print impression, there is no other way of unlocking it other than placing the same person’s finger print impression. No matter what, there is other way of breaking out this lock.

  6. Durability

    All the biometric gun safes are made out of strong and thick metals that are said to be of an aircraft’s strength which is way too difficult to damage it physically.

  7. Mountable

    There are numerous gun safes that could be mounted with the help of a few screws instead of placing the safes somewhere. For example you could mount them on the side wall of your cupboard, or under the table or any other hidden place that you desire.

  8. Chargeable

    Since the locking system is chargeable, charging of such biometric gun safes is as easy as charging your phones.

  9. Long life of batteries

    On top of that, the batteries of these gun safes come up with long life ranging in months, so you do not have to take the trouble of charging it every now and then.

  10. Emergency control

    In case of a situation when your gun safe’s batteries are completely discharged and you do not have time to charge it and open the safe, there is a secret screw in the box that opens only with a tool that comes with the gun safe. Though, for long term and constant security that tool should also be securely kept.

  11. Capacity

    Biometric gun safe’s are generally developed with a big capacity to hold guns of variable sizes and are strong enough to take on weights of heavy guns too.

What a Biometric Gun Safe Offers That No Other Does?

The biometric locking features were designed for faster access than the electronic or keypad locking mechanism and to limit the need for remembering those complex coding systems. Aside from faster access, these safes also make it harder to pick the lock, but on the downside, they might be less effective as a childproof safe.

Because they are more expensive than other safes and also require a lot more maintenance, they need to be kept down to a limit. The bigger the safe, the bigger the locking mechanism and the more power will be pulled from the batteries when you use the safe. Smaller compact safes have multiple features, but these features only use up a little of the overall battery and this is great for sustainability.

We definitely think that biometric safes are the best when it comes to storing your smaller items, but they can become very expensive when used in larger safes. The technology that has been incorporated will need to be extended and in some cases doubled in larger safes and to be honest, do you really need to have fast access to you rifles.

How a Biometric Safe is Better than a Mechanical Safe?

Biometric gun safes are perfect for most situations, but their biggest advantage that they give the user is the ability to have fast and efficient access to their belongings. Aside from the faster access, they sometimes have lighting features and added USB ports for you to charge your items, but these will only be for limited use as it will speed up the depletion rate of the batteries and thus the safe will become even more expensive.

The traditional old and conventional gun safe’s where either with a lock and key mechanism or with code locks with a physical key pad or a digital keypad. All these types of gun safes have some or the other concern as compared to the biometrics ones.

In lock and key, you cannot carry the key all the time and there are chances of dropping the key, misplacing it or even getting it stolen. In the code locks, anyone could possibly see the code and unlock the safe in your absence and this situation is quite vulnerable to occur.

Mechanical safes can be great for using for storing your larger rifles. They require much less maintenance and therefore they are also much cheaper gun safes in the long run. Another financial benefit is that they will be much cheaper when they are initially purchased and this could greatly benefit most people looking to gather and collect rifles.

Mechanical safes will not offer you much in terms of quick access, but you will not need quick access and the developers will be able to add much more security features at the same price. We believe that these safes will be stronger and better in water and fire hazard conditions and usually, you will still be able to open the safe with a key as the unlocking feature is sometimes made from metal and therefore, it will not melt or take electrical damage in the water.

The biggest downside is the inability to added extras to the safe and you will not be able to use the built-in battery like the biometric gun safe has to power things like gun safe lighting features. You will need to use stick-on lights that have their very own batteries and this will once again cost you a few dollars in the longer term.

Which Gun Safe Should You Choose?

We definitely recommend that you buy an ideal biometric gun safe for storing your smaller items and handguns. You will be able to get the benefit of quick access and internal lighting. This could make a huge difference in times of need and you can be sure that intruders will not catch you off-guard.

It definitely is worth it to spend the extra amount of money upfront and in this age, you cannot really put a price on the life of your family and your own. Biometric gun safes are essentially one-time investments and we believe in using them for smaller items. It is just important to make sure that the safe is concealed and that it is kept away from children.

Larger biometric safes are really expensive and we do not really recommend them in terms of value and sustainability. The mechanical alternative is much cheaper and it will do the exact same and you will not need to have quick access to your larger rifles.

People with no gun safes can really buy any gun safe because we believe that every gun owner should have a secure way of storing their firearm out of harm’s way.

Finally, it is also worth noting that simplex push button safe is another alternative to the biometric gun safe and it will also offer you faster access but still be more resistant to fire and water. These safes are a little more expensive than the mechanical safe, but they are also cheaper than the biometric gun safe and thus it could be great for people stuck between choosing.

Wrap Up
There are a number of advantages in purchasing and using a biometric safe. It will add a sense of security to anyones life. Users can be sure that their guns are safe inside the biometric lockers, which protect valuables from calamities, fires, water and theft. Newer biometric systems are easier to use, produce the least amount of recognition errors and are made of solid metals that cannot be broken with force.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we believe that you will now know how to get more use from your safe and to make a better choice of which safe must be used in which condition. We hope that you understand that both the biometric and mechanical rifle safes are made from quality materials, the price is the only thing that matters and the fact that you will not have fast access with one, but this is minor. We would like to encourage you to let us know which safe you use for rifles and if you have any further suggestions for rifle gun safes.

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