First Alert 2096DF gun safe provides a total protection solution for those three main risks: theft, fire and flood. The particular composite building along with water-tight seal helps to prevent water damage and mold to the material due to flooding.

This 2.14 cubic ft. fireproof safe is UL classified to withstand external heat associated with 1700F for one hour, while keeping an inside temperature associated with 350F. This device includes 2 flexible, detachable shelves, digital lock and also a pull-out document stand for easy, organized storage.

First Alert 2096DF Fire Safe is completely waterproof as well. The particular user-friendly, electronic key pad is backlit, plus an override key is offered for emergencies. Its weight is 182 pounds and it’ll discourage probably the most determined of thieves. For more details read the steel water gun safe review and you will learn a lot about it.

Features of First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe

First Alert 2096DF Fire Safe comes with a digital lock and it is fully water-proof plus durable also. Two flexible, removable shelves of this Fire Safe enable you to increase the space in the Safe. It comes with a waterproof seal across the opening that keeps your belongings dry–even once the upper chest is completely submerged. That is excellent with regard to protecting your articles in case there is a fire plus crisis sprinklers are usually triggered.

Along with vital files, you may use the 2096DF to guard computer disks, USB flash drives, plus other data storage space devices. The safe has been individually verified to safeguard electronic media such as memory drives Compact disks, DVDs, and exterior hard disks in a fire.

Designed to maintain your own documents along with other belongings safe in case of the fire, the 2096DF waterproof fire secure has been classified simply by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in order to withstand exterior temps of just one, 7000 F for just one hour whilst keeping an interior heat of significantly less than 3500 F.

Manufactured from long lasting resin, this safe and sound sports four solid- metal locking doorway bolts and trademarked, concealed, pry-resistant Delta hinges to prevent thieves. Two flexible, removable shelves enable you to increase the space in the safe; as the hanging essential rack and door wallet enable you to organize your belongings.

The 2096DF comes with a programmable electronic lock and keypad to help keep your belongings secure. The lock is easy to create plus operate. Emergency override secrets allow you to open up the particular safe without getting into a code-ensuring you have usage of your belongings, even though the key pad has been recently secured or the electric batteries possess run out.

Benefits of Using this Product

Apart from providing your belongings safety from criminals, the First Alert 2096DF Fire Safe also protects them from fire and water damage and mold. Underwriters Laboratories has examined plus confirmed the secure to be proof in order to external turn up in order to 1700 degrees with regard to one hour, maintaining an interior temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit for your hour. Digital storage products such as USB drives and CDs may also be protected in your Safe during a fire.

#1 Completely Sturdy

The First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe is really a strong and sturdy safe. This spacious secure will safe and protect all of your normal variables from burglars, fire plus water. Manufactured from long lasting resin, it offers six steel fastening doorway bolts plus patented, concealed, pry- proof Delta handles to deter crooks.

#2 Waterproof

The First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe may be the perfect safe and is fantastic for anybody seeking to protect their own primary valuables from the number of things. It includes peace of thoughts as possible be sure that you’re the only one who’ll enter.

#3 Durable & Solid Construction

The First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe is really a durable secure created from a solid botanical material. To help keep the particular doorway locked set up it functions 4 solid- metal mounting bolts and pry- proof hinges rendering it close to impossible for just about any thief to pry open up.

#4 Programmable Electronic Lock & Keypad Incorporated

A programmable digital lock and keypad maintain your belongings secure. The keypad is backlit for low-light problems and includes a protective dust cover to make sure optimal performance. Emergency override secrets allow you to open the particular secure without getting into a program code.

#5 Inexpensive Cost and an Easy Task to Setup

It comes in a realistic price. The safe and sound found its way to good condition also it was an easy task to set up. The detachable hand truck feature was handy to greatly help maneuver the safe into the homely house.

This First Alert 2096DF Fire Safe really is a fantastic fire/flood safe and sound and value your money can buy. The safe is plastic material and I think the locking mechanism may not endure significant consequence.

I can recommend the First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe to anyone for several reasons. First and foremost, this is a sturdy secure that may safeguard your belongings from burglars, open fire and drinking water. Second of all, First Alert is a popular brand along with high-quality customer service that will help you if you ever drop the keys or even forget the combination.

Finally, the safe is affordable that is excellent as you still want some valuables remaining to set up the secure. So you can purchase it without any hesitation.

How to Install/ Set up the Safe?

Certain versions add a Bolt-Down package with break-off mounting bolts and an installation design template for permanent installation to a set surface area. Once the safe will be installed utilizing the break-off bolts, it really is permanent and can’t be removed easily.


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