You should place your safe in a place where you can access it and not in remote locations where it is not accessible. Your safe should be in a place with adequate lighting for you to see the combinations and punch in the correct keys easily and quickly. Also, it is important that if it’s at home, you get an alarm system and ensure that it is also protected.

First thing is to get experts to do it if you can’t do it yourself and if you do decide to do it yourself, make sure that you get the complete and accurate specs for the job. The safe should be seated where it is not in contact with moisture as this acts to weaken it through corrosion. After that, anchor the safe and make sure it is not tipping.

A heavy door could easily swing open without warning knocking you out through a window or a wall. Also in the event of a shift in geographical setting due to earthquakes or mudslides, you would not want it to be plummeting towards you. That is why it is safe to anchor the safe first. Don’t put it against the wall as this reduces its fire resistance abilities.

Despite the safe’s high resistance, it is usually advisable that one takes care of it by regular cleaning using neutral cleaning agents like water and soap. Oiling the hinges is also important because in that way they will be protected from eventual rust and exposure on the parts where the tarnish coat didn’t cover.

Brush off the dust and grime that settle son the corners and cracks of the safe at least once a month. Also make sure that the fire seal is in good condition because in a fire, it may be the sole reason why your valuables will stay valuable.

Well, now you know what kind of gun safe you want and the locking mechanism available in the market. You’ll probably need a bigger safe than you thought you should buy. Most customers always find that what they bought was smaller than they needed. Also, you will have to make sure that you check out the specification on whatever you want to buy before you do buy it.

A home with a ton of furniture & assets is still incomplete unless there is a home safe.

We’ll give you a few fire-resistant safes to look through, just to be sure.

We haven’t mentioned anything about water but generally, safes that can withstand heat are also waterproof. The manufacturers try as much as possible to make the safes as multipurpose as possible. More often than not, a fire resistant safe is also waterproof.

We made the list of best fireproof safes and made a quick reviews on them which will definitely help you to choose the right one.

If you put in some time and do a little research, it will become much easier to buy a good gun safe and get value for your money.

You can find hundreds of gun safe on the market that can put you at a loss. We have researched & tested all the items from reputed brands and listed the best gun safes for you.

There is no portability but it is safer that way. It is not easily accessed by anyone including you the owner but it is safe to have it in the wall as it ensures access is limited. Despite it being so secure, the safe has one big disadvantage. If you want to move it quickly, you wouldn’t be able to.


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