Biometric Gun Safe VS Mechanical Gun Safe

Biometric Gun Safe VS Mechanical Gun Safe – Which one can give the maximum protection? Which one should I buy? Which one is best? These are the common questions of gun safe buyers. People often confused to pick the right gun safe.

The mechanical safe will always be a big part of the world and with technology sometimes creating problems; many people decide to be kept in the past. The younger generation is now experimenting with the biometric gun safe and the older generation is slowly gravitating towards these safe as well.

Many people do not trust the biometric gun safe for home use and thus decide to stick to the traditional and standard mechanical one. But these guidelines will definitely make it clear to you what are the top benefits of a biometric gun safe or a mechanical gun safe and what are the worst things of each type. And finally this will prevent you not to struggle to open your safe.

Having a mechanical safe has always been the traditional way of keeping your valuables safe. But biometrics has now taken over and now we will explore the fundamental differences between the safes and help you make a better choice.

#1 Biometric Gun Safe

The most popular, stylish & quick access locking mechanism.

  • Quick and Easy Access. While speed may mean the difference between becoming a victim and protecting yourself, it is definitely a great advantage to have. Biometric systems will open much faster and if you could add gas compressed technology, you will even have the ability to make your firearm ready while opening.
  • Advanced Security. We cannot deny that criminals are getting smarter, but with biometric gun safes, you will be assured that the technology has evolved with them and you will have the newest methods of protection on the market.
  • The Element of Surprise. Criminals may be able to prepare for mechanical safes, but with biometric gun safes, they will not know what to expect. Biometrics are continuously improving and unlike mechanical safes, each biometric gun safe has different added features to ensure that you can catch them off guard.
  • Control of Access. Unlike with the mechanical lock, you will be the only one with access to the safe. Should someone try and force open the lock, it will shut down and you will have to wait a few minutes for the lock to cool down. Standard lock picking tools can not open the biometric lock and no one could possible steal or duplicate your key.

#2 Mechanical Gun Safe

Old style but still secured & lovable locking mechanism.

  • Durable. Mechanical gun safes cannot be tampered with by water or fire and this will force someone to use brute force to try and pry open the safe. The manufacturers will also have the added benefit of spending all their resources on strength and durability to ensure the safe withstand punishment.
  • Reliable. With the mechanical gun safes, you will never need to fear the glitches and errors associated with technology. You will know that every time you need to open the safe, you will be able to open the safe with the key or turning knob.
  • Fire and Water Resistant. Fires may not occur that often, but if they should happen, you will know that the mechanical safe should last significantly longer. While this is not the case anymore, in the past biometric safes were easily destroyed or rendered useless after being attacked by fire. Without technology, water cannot cause any errors or disrupt electrical currents.
  • Cheaper. Technology is expensive and if you remove that element, you will save a lot of money on the safe. You will also be able to save some extra cash on things like batteries and technology upgrades that may come out from time to time.

What Will Make You Love The Biometric Gun Safe?

We choose biometric gun safes over mechanical gun safes because of multi-functionality and added security. While they may be weaker against elements of nature, we still believe that it is easier to keep nature out of your house than it is to keep a human being or intruder out.

  • The biometric locks are cooler, edgier and definitely flashier.
  • They are unique to the owner only and will open for no other fingerprints.
  • They have the cool factor, the modern science factor and they definitely look better than a keypad or manual locks safe. But these advanced locks are also not all that flawless.
  • The biometric locks have a disadvantage when it comes to sweaty hands. They will not be able to scan you and will take several tries before you get it right.
  • The RFID signal bracelet malfunctions at times and may fail you in an emergency. You could end up banking your safety and find it not accessible.
  • Also, if one really wanted to get into your safe, they would do so whether you like it or not and it does not take a genius to know that if you don’t take the hand to the safe, they will do it for you. Not a pretty sight.

We hope that you now have a clear understanding of biometric gun safes for your home & office. They may not seem tougher, but they actually are. Please share your thoughts on how fingerprint gun safes are better than mechanical gun safes and if you feel the same.

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