How to Properly Clean a Gun?Many gun owners are often surprised to find out that you have to regularly clean your gun. Even if you don’t use your gun on a regular basis, it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. That being said, here is a general guide on how you can properly clean your gun!

Two Rules to Keep in Mind for Cleaning Any Type of Gun

Although different types of guns require different cleaning procedures, there are two standard rules you should keep in mind whenever you’re cleaning a gun!

#1 Check Out Your Gun’s Manual.

Before you even start cleaning your gun, you should check out your gun’s manual. Since each gun is different, your gun’s manual will explain how you can properly dissemble, reassemble, and clean your gun. It should also give you an inside scoop on tips and tricks you can use to clean your gun, which will ultimately make the process easier.

#2 Make Sure the Gun Isn’t Loaded.

The second thing you should consider when cleaning any type of gun is whether or not the gun is loaded. This is argumentatively the most important step you can take when cleaning your gun. Do not clean your gun if it’s loaded. This is an extreme hazard to yourself and anyone else around you because you could accidentally set your gun off.

That being said, make sure the gun isn’t loaded before you even pull your cleaning materials out. This will ensure you’re cleaning your gun in the safest and most secure way.

How to Clean a Handgun?

Once you follow the standard rules for cleaning a gun, you should follow these steps:

#1 Materials.

Compile the following list of tools to clean your handgun:

  • Gun-cleaning fluids, such as solvent and gun oil.
  • Durable patch holder with cotton patches.
  • Cleaning rod.
  • Cleaning brush and bore brush.
  • Flashlight.
#2 Prepare Your Area

After getting your materials together, make sure that you create the ultimate atmosphere to clean your handgun. This means that you should be in a ventilated area with at least a fan or a window. Also, make sure you cover your surface area with some sort of protectant, like a tarp.

#3 Start with the Barrel

The barrel is argumentatively the most important part in cleaning your gun. This is because it’s usually the dirtiest part of your gun, and is crucial to ensuring your gun operates smoothly. Start cleaning your gun’s barrel by covering the bore brush with solvent.

After the bore brush is completely covered with solvent, place it inside your gun and move it in a simple motion that cleans the bore. Next, take the cleaning rod and attach a cotton patch to the tip. Make sure you have more than a few patches on hand because they will most likely get dirty quickly.

Once you think the bore is clean, use the flashlight to shine through the inside of the bore. This will help you ensure that the bore is completely clean. Finally, apply a little bit of oil to a cotton patch and place it inside the bore to seal everything you just cleaned.

#4 Focus on the Outer Parts

After cleaning the inside of your gun’s bore, focus on the outer parts of your gun. This is a relatively simple process. All you have to do is use the nylon brush in conjunction with solvent to clean your gun. Afterwards, take a rag and wipe the outside of your gun in small circular motions to make sure there isn’t any leftover residue on your gun.

#5 Lubricate and Reassemble Your Gun

The last step of cleaning your handgun includes lubricating and reassembling it. Lubricating your gun is a simple process that requires lubrication and a rag. Make sure you check your gun’s manual prior to lubricating it because different guns require different lubrication points.

Finally, reassemble your gun and inspect it to make sure every part is stable and operating properly prior to reloading or using it.

How to Clean a Rifle?

Like a handgun, make sure you follow the standard two rules for cleaning a gun. And the following steps will ultimately help ensure your gun remains durable and in good condition.

#1 Materials.

Before starting the cleaning process make sure you have the following materials at your hand:

  • A gun vise
  • Standard tools, such as a screwdriver
  • Organizational bine
  • Gun-cleaning liquids, such as solvent and gun oil
  • Safety measures, such as gloves and goggles
#2 Wipe Your Gun Off

Contrary to cleaning a handgun, you should start cleaning your rifle by wiping it down with a standard rag. This will make sure there isn’t any leftover dirt or minerals from prior use. When you do this, you should keep in mind that the wooden stock should be protected from any gun-cleaning liquids.

#3 Start with the Muzzle

Once you wipe your gun off, start cleaning the inside of your gun from the muzzle. Simply take the cleaning pads and cover them with solvent. Then, attach them to the cleaning rod and move it back and forth through the muzzle.

Do the same process for the barrel. Depending on how much you use your gun, and how often you clean it, you might have to do this process more than once.

Once you notice that each cleaning pad is becoming cleaner than the last, use the flashlight to look through your gun. This will help you identify whether or not you need to continue cleaning your gun.

#4 Protect Your Gun

After cleaning the majority of your gun, protect your gun by using treatment and sealant. In order to protect your stock, cover it with a specialized wood treatment. As for the overall external portion of your gun, use a rust sealant to cover every inch of your gun.

How to Clean a Revolver?

Like cleaning any other gun, start by making sure it’s not loaded and you have read the manual’s instructions on cleaning and maintaining your gun. Then, follow these steps:

#1 Materials

Make sure you purchase the following equipment:

  • Gun-cleaning liquids, such as solvent and bore cleaner
  • A standard gun-cleaning kit
  • Lubricant
#2 Brush the Barrel

Start by assembling your barrel’s brush and gently push the rod down the barrel. You should repeat this process for approximately thirty seconds. This will make sure that mineral and material build up from inside your gun will be cleaned.

After you have thoroughly brushed the barrel, use a cleaning rod and a cotton patch to adequately clean the inside of your gun’s barrel. Like brushing the barrel, you should repeat the process of using the cotton patch and rod to clean the inside until each patch is completely clear.

#3 Don’t Forget About the Slide

Most people forget about cleaning the slide. But, this is actually an important step. All you need to do is simply use a small brush to clean the visible area of the slide. Then, get ready to lubricate your gun and simply reassemble it.


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