Best Gun Cleaning Vises on the Market

10 Best Gun Cleaning Vises on the Market

PreviewGun ViseDimensionsRatingPrice
Caldwell Lead Sled DFT Review#1 Caldwell Lead Sled DFT36″ x 12″
CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise Review#2 CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise25″ x 18″
Tipton Best Gun Vise Review#3 Tipton Best Gun Vise33″ x 9″ x 6″
Gunslick VISTA OUTDOOR SLS Gun Maintenance Center Review#4 Gunslick VISTA OUTDOOR SLS Gun Maintenance Center36″ x 12″
Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise Review#5 Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise25″ x 12″ x 10″
MTM GV-30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center Review#6 MTM GV-30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center32.5″ x 9″ x 7.5″
Tipton Gun Vise Review#7 Tipton 782731 Gun Vise11″ x 17″
Shooters Ridge Champion Shooting Vise Review#8 Shooters Ridge Champion Shooting Vise15″ x 7.2″ x 7″
Plano Shooters Case Review#9 Plano Shooters Case (X-Large)22″ x 14.2″ x 11.4″
Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise Review#10 Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise32.5″ x 10.5″ x 11″

#1 Gunslick VISTA OUTDOOR SLS Gun Maintenance Center

Gunslick VISTA OUTDOOR SLS Gun Maintenance Center Review

Editor Favorites
  • The availability of many drawers on the device keeps you organized all day long.
  • The top compartment can securely hold your firearms.
  • It is quite multi-functional and flexible in nature. It can be used as hunting gun-smiting device and for shooting expenditures.
  • Relatively lighter and more affordable than many similar Gun vise devices.
  • It is one of the easiest gun vises when performing some minor works such as cleaning on your firearms.
  • One of the main drawbacks of this gun vise is the non-inclusion of tools and necessary cleaning chemical.
  • You may not be able to use this Gun vise with weapons such as AR15 barrel nut- you will need a bench vise that has jaw pads for such weapons.
  • Though it is made of highest grade plastic materials, you may not want it if you are not used to the plastic design gun vise.
If you are looking for a Gun vise that is more affordable and simpler in design, then this could be an ideal option for you. It may not be the best around, in terms of added features, it will surely deliver under any given circumstances.

This is one of the most Gunslick gun vise brands checked out by first time buyers, but that does not mean professionals don’t check it out also. You will like this outdoor gun vise because of its compact design and its ability to hold many extras or accessories at once. You need to watch out for imitations of this product as there are many fakes of it out there. Here’s an amazing video on Gunslick company products:

Gunslick Cleaning Products Promotional video

Many beginner users of Gun vises can rely on this piece of device to deliver great results. The main features of the Gun vice are; A body is designed with the highest quality plastic grade materials. There are some functional and very useful different drawer compartments. It is an inbuilt cam lock vise system. An amazing feature here is that the device can be vertically adjusted, and serves as a complete gun maintenance center. You will also love the fact that it is relatively lightweight when handled.

#2 MTM GV-30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center

MTM GV-30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center Review

Editor Favorites
  • It remains one of the most effective gun vises for gunsmithing purposes. It also holds your firearm in place for effective cleaning and maintenance too.
  • You will find the roomy space within, very helpful. You can organize and keep your cleaning items, supplies, screwdrivers, brushes, jags, cleaning rods, even your cleaning solvents.
  • The fork behind the clamp positions the firearm at the proper angle for the most efficient cleaning.
  • More affordable than most of its rivals.
  • The durable plastic material construction of this gun vise is highly durable but may not be as strong as metallic steel construction, hence its resistance to mechanical damages are very much limited.
  • Requires a vertical storage method, it may occupy much space when stored horizontally.
This is one of the most aesthetically appealing gun vises you should consider. A mere look at this device shows that it is very roomy and simple to operate. The device is designed to handle all kinds of firearms for gunsmithing, cleaning and maintenance. Your guns will be adequately protected from scratches or mechanical damages, with the availability of rubberized touch points.

You need to make sure that you follow the instructions in the manual if you want to get the best from this product. Being a very study gun vise, you will find it somehow heavy but it delivers superb results when used under different terrains outdoors.

MTM Werkbank Case Guard Gun Vise

The main features you can find on MTM GV-30 Gun Vise is the amazing and strong construction of a very rugged Polypropylene plastic that is resistant to chemical and mechanical attacks. There is a quick clamp that operates on a single cam that can be activated to provide a non-marring hold on your firearm. It is made with chemical-resistant design material. It is mounted on a 4-feet rubberized material that can operate as free-standing or bolted option. There is also, a secondary fork, located behind the clamp- this is used in the cleaning of your firearm.


  1. I bought a leadsled about 6 years ago for Father’s Day and have sited in numerous scopes for friends. Usually With in 7 shots out to 100 yards. I uses lead shot for weighting it down. I love the leadsled.


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