Best Gun Cleaning Rod ReviewsMaintenance of your essentials is very important you know and you must have a cleaning rod if you own a handgun or a rifle.

Whatever, this guide will showcase a number of the finest gun cleaning rods available on the market today. Check out our ten comprehensive cleaning rod reviews to find the cleaning rod (or rods!) that’s best for you!

Gun Cleaning RodDimensionsRatingPrice
#1 Tipton Deluxe Cleaning Rods .22-.26.27- .45.17 and Shotgun36″ x 12″
#2 Gunslick 32011 Gsl 1-PC Cbn Fib CL Rod 22-26025″ x 18″
#3 Pro-Shot 36-Inch Rifle .22-.26 Caliber33″ x 9″ x 6″
#4 Tipton Max Force Cleaning Rod .22-.45 Caliber 36″ x 12″
#5 Dewey 1-Piece Cleaning Rod 22 to 26 Caliber Nylon Coated 8 x 36 Thread25″ x 12″ x 10″
#6 Gunslick 35002 Gsl 1pc Cbn Fib CL Rod 8″ 22 Cal32.5″ x 9″ x 7.5″
#7 Hoppe’s Bench Rest Stainless Steel 1- Piece Universal Rifle/Shotgun Cleaning Rod (All Calibers and Gauges)11″ x 17″
#8 Pro-Shot .22-.45 Caliber Universal Pistol15″ x 7.2″ x 7″
#9 Dewey Rods Chr-16 Chamber Cleaning Combo22″ x 14.2″ x 11.4″
#10 Allen 30″ Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod32.5″ x 10.5″ x 11″

#10 Allen 30″ Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod

Allen 30

Editor Favorites
  • Conveniently breaks down
  • Versatile, threaded construction means it can be used at different lengths
  • Durable brass
  • Non-standard threading between rods; requires adapters for certain tools
  • May not be as sturdy as a single piece rod
This is a multi sectionbrass rifle cleaning rod. While single piece construction is often favored when it comes to durability, there are certain circumstances that call for multi piece rods. It can be awkward traveling with a 30 inchcleaning rod, for example.

Also, by having the rod break down into ten inch (not counting the handle) lengths, it is effectively three rods in one: a 10 inch rod, a 20 inch rod, and a 30 inch rod. It comes in two widths—suitable for 22 or 30 caliber rifles.

Furthermore, this isn’t your typical jointed cleaning rod. For one thing, it’s made of brass rather than aluminum. This gives it a much greater advantage when it comes to strength and durability, almost on par with a single piece construction rod. The threading will also endure a lot more use than the threading in a comparable aluminum jointed rod.

The threading on the final end piece is 8-32, the typical industry standard. However, the threading between the rods is 10-32, so if you do intend on taking advantage of the different possible lengths, you’ll probably need a 10-32 to 8-32 adapter. That is, unless you happen to somehow have a set of 10-32 threaded accessories!

#9 Dewey Rods Chr-16 Chamber Cleaning Combo

Dewey Rods Chr-16 Chamber Cleaning Combo Review

Editor Favorites
  • Designed with AR rifles in mind, and perfectly suited for cleaning the chambers
  • Hardy brass construction
  • Single-piece rod for superior strength
  • Doesn’t break down for easy portability
  • Handle is slightly slippery—difficult to grip in some positions for more petite hands
This stationary brass cleaning rod is probably the best option out there if you have an AR platform firearm. Very heavy duty, sturdy construction, and weighted handle all add up to a tool that you can put some real torque on to get your firearm’s chambers squeaky clean. This is especially true if you tend to use inexpensive Russian ammo; you really want to be cleaning frequently, even in the field.

Great single piece chamber cleaning stationary rods are less common on the market these days, and this is a very versatile choice. While it may have been designed specifically with AR platform firearms in mind, it’s also a handy tool for cleaning pistols and handguns that don’t require a rotating rod (or are best suited to being cleaned without rotation).

The standard threading on the end of the rod means that your current collection of accessories (and any you might plan to pick up in the future) will most likely work just fine. That’s good news, especially because the rod itself would work just fine for cleaning, for example, .308 rifles—you just need to pick up the appropriate chamber brush.

Easily one of the biggest hassles involved with owning any AR rifle is cleaning the chambers. This tool is proof that having the right tool for the job can vastly simplify things. Some gun owners eschew the more specialized tools, but this one is most definitely warranted! If you have an AR you will not regret adding this to your cleaning collection!

#8 Pro-Shot .22-.45 Caliber Universal Pistol

Pro-Shot .22-.45 Caliber Universal Pistol Cleaning Rod Review

Editor Favorites
  • Nice, compact size that makes this a great addition to travel cleaning kits
  • Stainless steel construction for a dependable tool that you know won’t scratch or mar your guns in any way
  • Highly compatible with most types of accessories (8-32 threads)
  • Horizontal handle construction minimizes the length of the tool and is very comfortable in the hand
  • Seemingly unnecessary “locking” mechanism—why not just one solid piece?
  • If it’s meant to rotate, it’s poorly designed for it
  • Stamped rather than machined rod; I had to take the time to do a bit of deburring. Not much of an issue, but deserves a mention
This is a nice, compact stationary cleaning rod built with pistols and handguns in mind. Its small size and simple construction makes it a good choice for carrying to the range, and of course, it’s also a handy little cleaning rod to keep at home. It uses standard 8-32 threads, so you can rest assured that all of your favorite attachments will be compatible.

One thing about this rod that’s a bit odd is the locking nut mechanism in the handle. It’s advertised as a stationary rod, and works best for that purpose. However, there is a nut/bolt on the handle which appears to be an addition in order to keep the rod stationary. If you wanted to use this as a rotating rod, it seems plausible that you could. However, in practice, it seems that loosening the nut enough to allow the rod to rotate results in it becoming too loose and even wobbly. That’s obviously not something you want.

Pro Shot products cleaning rod a dunkin review

When used as advertised—as a stationary, non-rotating rod—this is one of the best. If you need a rotating rod, you’re better off going with one that has a ball bearing swivel mechanism, in my opinion.


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