Best Gun Cleaning Kit ReviewsI know that when I read these reviews I commonly wonder who is the person that spent the time to write them. You don’t know that, not really knowing if they have any true expertise at all.

What I want you to know about me is that I have been an avid gun enthusiast for nearly 3 decades, meaning I have spent a significant amount of time not only shooting, but checking out the different kinds of equipment to make my own rounds, clean weapons, and all of the other tasks that go along with being a lifelong hunter and marksman. I wrote this review because I have spent a good portion of my life using these kinds of weapons, and people frequently ask me questions and I thought it would be good to share my knowledge with others.

I want you to know that no one has paid me for this. I am not endorsing any product because the company paid me to do so. I am giving you my honest assessment. I have examined every one of these kits, used each one of them, and read a number of reviews about each. This is how I came to my conclusion. [/swr-expand]

12 Best Gun Cleaning Kits on the Market Right Now!

Best All Around Gun Cleaning Kits
Otis Tactical Cleaning System Review#1 Otis Tactical Cleaning System
GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Review#2 GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit
Falko Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Review#3 Falko Universal Gun Cleaning Kit
Best Pistol/Handgun Cleaning Kits
Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit Review#4 Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit
KleenBore Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H Review#5 KleenBore Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H
Hoppe's BoreSnake Soft-Sided Pistol and Revolver Cleaning Kit Review#6 Hoppe’s BoreSnake Soft-Sided Pistol and Revolver Cleaning Kit
Best Shotgun Cleaning Kits
Otis Technology The Otis Elite#7 Otis Technology The Otis Elite
Hoppe's BoreSnake Shotgun Soft-Sided Cleaning Kit#8 Hoppe’s BoreSnake Shotgun Soft-Sided Cleaning Kit
Real Avid Gun Boss Universal Cable#9 Real Avid Gun Boss Universal Cable
Best Rifle Cleaning Kits
Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Kit#10 Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Kit
Otis Technology .223 cal/5.56 mm Cleaning System#11 Otis Technology .223 cal/5.56 mm Cleaning System
Hoppe's BoreSnake Rifle Soft-Sided Rifle Cleaning Kit#12 Hoppe’s BoreSnake Rifle Soft-Sided Rifle Cleaning Kit

#1 Falko Universal Gun Cleaning Kit – Perfect for Hand Guns, Rifles and Shotguns

Falko Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Review

  • Solid brass rods to fit: .17-270-cal rifles, pistols & shotgun
  • Mops to fit: .22-25-cal, .38-357-cal, 410-ga, 20/28-ga, 10/12-ga
  • Jags to fit: 17-cal, 22-cal, .270/7mm cal, .30-32-cal, 35-cal/9mm, .40-45-cal/10mm
Editor Favorites
  • Kit comes with nine different bronze brushes
  • Comes with five different mobs in six different jags
  • Compact kit that has a lot of accessories to it
  • Very durable products, and love that the rods are made of brass
  • There are a lot of pieces to this kit that will take some time to figure out
  • The insert provided to help with use is fairly useless
This common kit comes in a compact case that provides a large number of tools that will enable you to clean almost any common weapon. What makes it best is that this is not bulky kit, which requires a lot of room for you to have all the materials you need to clean such a large assortment of weapons. It could easily fit in most dresser drawers.

Included are nine bronze brushes that will fit anywhere from a 17 caliber all the way up to a 10/12 gauge. Five mops are also included, which combined with 6B rejoin to jags to give you the same coverage that you have with the bronze brushes.

Falko Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Review and Unboxing

All of the tips and jags are made of an extremely high quality brass, ensuring that you have a product that will be able to clean your weapons thoroughly, while also being built to last. No concern about broken tools inside your gun barrel with this kit. The materials and accessories are built to last, and I really like how durable they are.

Even the cleaning rods are made of a strong brass, so you don’t have to worry about bending or breaking. You can apply a good deal of force without concerns for getting bent. This is a great kit and once you see it will be easy for you to see why I chose it as one of the top universal kits.

#2 KleenBore Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H

KleenBore Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H Review

  • Size: .38/.357/9mm, .40/.41/10mm, .44/.45 caliber
  • Gun Conditioner: 2 oz.
Editor Favorites
  • Durable and attractive looking case
  • A simple kit which works quite well
  • Accessories are made with the very best materials ideal for longevity
  • The tray inside the case could have a greatly improved look
  • You will need a much better solvent and oil than what is included
If you are looking for a simple kit that will do the job of cleaning your handgun exceptionally well, then this KleenBore kit may be the option for you. I like that it was an extremely simple kit, as it was designed to be used with a number of different handguns but didn’t require that I switch brushes or other accessories to be able to use it.

The kit comes in a nice, attractive looking case, with a tray that is specifically designed to hold each item snugly. This is a case that can handle being throwing your bag and taken with you on a regular basis, as it was built to last. Having a durable case is always good with a gun cleaning kit, and this is one you’ll be proud you spent the money on.

KleenBore Classic Universal Gun Cleaning Kit UK213

The rod inside this kit is made of the highest grade steel, ensuring that you can get down and dirty while you are cleaning. Plus, I like that it came with rotating handles. There is a plastic muscle guard that is included to ensure that you are able to protect the barrel during the cleaning process.

Also included is a gun conditioner, a utility gun brush, and cotton patches. There really is not an accessory you would need when cleaning your firearms that is not included, making it a good choice at a price that’s affordable. This is a great little kit that has just about everything you need to be able to handle a good cleaning of your weapon.


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