Benefits & Drawbacks of Wall SafeWhile there are many types of safes, one of the most popular types is a wall safe. If you’re unfamiliar with wall safes, they’re basically safes that are installed into a wall.

A wall safe is a great way to store valuables in an efficient and effective way. With a wall safe, you won’t have to worry about anyone accessing your valuables, such as jewelry and fire arms.

But, are wall safes as good as everyone makes them out to be? Continue below to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of wall safes!

What are the Benefits of Wall Safes?

Despite some of the disadvantages, a wall safe is a great home addition for someone who wants to store their valuables in a reliable, durable, and efficient way. The top benefits of a wall safe are:

#1 Store Valuables

One of the most obvious benefits of wall safes is the fact it acts as a secure place to store your valuables. You can store essentially anything in a wall safe, such as a jewelry, money, or any other valuables.

With a wall safe, you won’t have to worry about anyone assessing any of your valuable possessions. Instead, you will have peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected in your concealed wall safe.

#2 Conceal Firearms

Everyone has the right to bear arms. But, if you own fire arms, they should be adequately stored and sealed. It’s important to conceal fire arms properly because they can cause harm or even death, as well as damage, if someone other than the intended user accesses them.

For example, it’s extremely important for fire arms to be concealed from kids. Usually, kids don’t know what fire arms are. Instead of viewing them as a weapon, some kids might think a fire arm is a toy. Therefore, if they have access to fire arms, they might attempt to use them.

Of course, a child using a fire arm is a terrifying situation because they could potentially harm themselves or others, as well as cause damage to their environment. Therefore, don’t leave your fire arms out in the open for anyone to access. Instead, store them in a wall safe where only certain people can gain access to them.

#3 Extra Level of Theft Protection

Let’s face it: wall safes aren’t in the most obvious places. Typically, wall safes are well hidden. This is great for a variety of reasons. For example, if your home is ever robbed, there’s less of a chance that the robbers will gain access to whatever you have stored in your safe because they won’t be able to find your safe.

On the other hand, wall safes are great from concealing objects from your family and loved ones who might be exploring your home. Although you most likely trust whoever you live with and invite over, you never know when they could snoop around your room or accidentally stumble upon something. But, with a hidden wall safe, you won’t have to worry about this.

Another great aspect of a wall safe is the idea that it can be truly hidden from plain sight. Even though safes are generally securely locked, hiding your safe is a smart idea because thieves won’t be able to attempt to break into your safe because they won’t be able to find it. So, wall safes essentially provide people with an extra level of theft protection.

#4 Easy to Access

Typically, safes are on the smaller side and are stored in random places. Most of the time, you have to dig around your closet or under your bed to find your safe. Luckily, you don’t have to do this with a wall safe.

Since wall safes are mounted on a wall, you have the opportunity to install it at your height. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to stand on your tip-toes or bend over to access your safe. Instead, you could simply walk up to your wall safe and open it.

#5 Versatility

A wall safe is truly one of the most diverse safes on the market for a variety of reasons. Of course, there’s the aspect that a wall safe can easily be hidden a variety of ways. Then, there’s also the fact that wall safes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

Seriously, you can find a wall safe that can store virtually any item. For example, if you want to store your guns in your wall safe, you should consider installing a large wall safe that is hidden behind an equally large object, such as a bookcase.

On the other hand, if you only want to store jewelry or cash in your wall safe, then you should consider installing a mini wall safe that is hidden behind a small family photo or even a clock. Another versatile aspect of wall safes is budget. Since wall safes come in a variety of sizes with different aspects and features, they vary in price. Therefore, there is a wall safe out there for everyone’s needs and budget.

What are the Drawbacks of Wall Safes?

While wall safes have a ton of benefits, they also have a fair share of disadvantages. For starters, wall safes require a specific amount of thickness. If a wall is too thin, it wouldn’t be able to sustain and conceal a wall safe. On the other hand, if a wall is too thick, it would be extremely difficult to install your wall safe. So, the top drawbacks of the wall safes are:

#1 Dependent on Wall Thickness

Unfortunately, wall safes aren’t suitable for everyone. Since wall safes are mounted on walls, it’s important for your intended wall to have a decent amount of thickness.

Thickness is important because it determines how well your wall safe will be concealed, as well as any if your wall safe can accommodate any extra features you want it to have. Experts recommend that an ideal wall for a wall safe should have a thickness of 3 ½ thickness.

#2 Requires Professional Installation

Speaking of installation, while some safes require minimal or no installation, this isn’t the case for wall safes. Since wall safes are mounted on a wall, they require a technical and careful installation. In other words, an average person would most likely not be able to properly install a wall safe.

It’s important you hire a professional to install your wall safe because it is a complex task. After all, installing a wall safe means you have to disassemble a wall and properly insert a safe, so it remains secure. This is obviously a difficult task that not everyone can do. So, forget the idea of a do it yourself project, and hire a professional.

If you attempt to install your own wall safe, you could potentially damage your water pipes, dry wall, and even the overall structure of your house. So, don’t take the risk, and hire a professional. If you hire a professional to install your wall space, you will have pure peace of mind knowing that everything went smoothly and efficiently.


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