How to Install a Wall Safe? | 5 Effortless Steps

How to Install a Wall Safe | 5 Effortless StepsHaving an ideal wall safe can have a lot of benefits and make the security of your home that much better once you understand the best ways to use the wall safe. Most people doesn’t know how to install a wall safe in a proper way. They simply install the safe and then they think that is it, but criminal have become better at exploiting weaknesses and therefore, it is also important to conceal the gun safe.

Wall safes are expertly designed to withstand impact as well and also hard to break out of the wall, but with the right tools this can be done and when the safe is not mounted correctly, it will be like a Christmas gift for the intruder.

Wall safes are uniquely designed and they will fit into the wall, but this can be expensive to get the use out of and therefore, we have decided to find the best tips for making the most of your wall safe and safely mounting the safe in the correct locations that will not only conceal the safe but also make it harder to break out.

5 Steps to Mount an In-Wall Gun Safe

While gun safe are pretty useful in most locations. A gun safe will be much better if you know how to install a wall safe in a befitting manner & concealed when it is tightly mounted behind something heavy and not just a painting. This might limit your access to the safe, but you will be able to get the most protection from the safe.

#1 Use The Thin Edge to Your Advantage

All leading gun safes are built with that thin edge that stretches out over the solid steel area and this needs to be concealed. To conceal this edge is easy, but once you add some extra bolts to the edge, the safe will be stronger and much harder to move. Drilling holes and fitting bolts can be easily done, as most of these safes only have edges of one inch and thus that one inch can make a lot of difference to the protection of your valuables when it has also been mounted.

#2 Hang Something Over The Safe

If you cannot find any large item to hide the safe behind, a portrait or painting will be perfect for improving the concealment of the safe. We recommend that you use something that is bigger than the safe itself, to help improve the coverage and to allow less obscurity to be present. We do not recommend expensive paintings as this can be stolen off the wall and then the safe will be revealed and the intruder will be able to try his luck on getting inside.

#3 Have Some Professional Help

You might be a handyman, but professional safe installers do this for a living and they see the weaknesses of safes every day. Use this to your advantage and have them give you tips on how to install a wall safe and use their skills to your advantage. This might cost you a few bucks more, but it can be seen as a long-term investment and you will have more peace of mind when a professional does his job. They also know the best types of bolts for the various walls.

#4 Don’t Be a Show-off

Yes, picking a wall safe does look cool and you want your friends to all to see how great the safe looks, but be careful as friends can easily tell other people and once a story has hit the neighborhood, you might become a target for criminals and they will know the exact location of the safe.

Keep all safe related information to yourself and try to let as little people know as possible. This will greatly decrease the chances of someone breaking in and stealing your valuables.

#5 Use a Wall and Not a Wooden Wall

This can be hard if your home is built from wood, but then a different safe should be your option. Wooden walls are easier to break through and thus they offer a limited amount of protection. We recommend looking at the wall and determining the mounting location first, you can even consult a few experts on this subject to get the best possible advice.

A concrete wall will be your best bet and this makes it much harder to break the safe out. Once the deadbolts have been inserted, the safe will become virtually immovable and thus add to the protection.

What are the Best Situations For Wall Safe Use?

Wall mounting gun safes are one of the most secured & reliable stuffs and suitable for any residential places. We like to show you the most suited use of in-wall gun safes.

#1 Office Use

It is always nice to have a wall safe in your office and if it can be concealed, that is so much better. In the office, the wall safe can be used to store your firearm and also to store valuable document, with no one ever knowing where these documents are. The wall safe is tougher to break open and will give security more time to react if an alarm has been tripped by the intruders, especially if you invest in a silent alarm.

#2 Home Use

Versatility is key when it comes to home use for a wall safe. It is recommended that you keep the advantageous safe close by the areas you are most in the house and especially when you go to bed. A secret hiding place in your home office will also be great when it comes to concealing your home safe and ensuring that you are not caught off-guard.

Wrap Up
We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you fully understand how to install a wall safe effortlessly and how to get the most use out of it.

On paper, the wall safe might seem simple, but with these tips, you will find out just how versatile the wall safe actually is. We would like to encourage you to leave your comment on wall safes and how you think they will make life better for someone without a wall safe. We would also like to know what benefits you like in wall safes and how they have made life easier for you.

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