How to Make the Best Uses of Your Wall Safe?Having a wall safe can have a lot of benefits and make the security of your home that much better once you understand the best ways to use the wall safe. Most people simply install the safe and then they think that is it, but criminal have become better at exploiting weaknesses and therefore, it is also important to conceal the gun safe.

Wall safes are uniquely designed and they will fit into the wall, but this can be expensive to get the use out of and therefore, I like to find the best tips for making the most of your wall safe and safely mounting the safe in the correct locations that will not only conceal the safe but also make it harder to break out.

Wall safes are expertly designed to withstand impact as well and also hard to break out of the wall, but with the right tool this can be done and when the safe is not mounted correctly, it will be like a Christmas gift for the intruder.

Best Ways to Mount a Wall Safe

While gun safe are pretty useful in most locations, a gun safe will be much better concealed when it is tightly mounted behind something heavy and not just a painting. This might limit your access to the safe, but you will be able to get the most protection from the safe.

#1 Use The Thin Edge to Your Advantage

All gun safes are built with that thin edge that stretches out over the solid steel area and this needs to be concealed. To conceal this edge is easy, but once you


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