How to Choose a Dependable Wall Safe?Wall safes are a good alternative to the more secure floor mounted type, particularly if you suffer from mobility issues or simply require a safe that’s easy to retrieve items multiple times each day. If you know how to choose the perfect wall safe for you and make the best use of it, your daily life will be stress-free and secured.

Typically, wall mounted safes are shallower that their floor or free-standing counterparts, making them ideal for items like keys, small amounts of petty cash or other valuables that require ease of access. Wall safes are also a great idea for keeping personal effects safe, such as passports, birth certificates and business documents.

The only downside to wall mounted safes, are the fact they can be “cut out”, especially if they aren’t correctly fitted to existing stud or brickwork. The space constraints also mean they offer limited fire and heat protection. However, heavier duty wall safes are available which can be securely bolted to your existing stud/brickwork, making it far harder for a thief to gain access or remove the safe in its entirety.

What to Look for When Buying a Wall Safe?

This is the ultimate question for anyone purchasing a new wall safe. Consider exactly what you’ll be securing and exactly what the space requirements are. As wall mounted safes are somewhat limited in their storage capacity, you’ll need to ensure your newly bought safe can match those requirements. It is better to explore how to pick a wall safe that is best suited with you. Here are the top 5 Determining Criteria You Need to Know:

#1 Find Out What Your Walls are Made of

Most modern houses are either “block and brick”, a layer of external brickwork plus an internal layer of “breeze blocks” or alternatively, a timber frame construction which does away with the breeze block layer and replaces it with a highly insulated timber/insulation layer. Both types of wall are reasonably easy to fit a wall safe within.

However, you may be wise to obtain the services of a local builder if your home is of


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