How to Ensure That Your Gun Safe is Always Secured?Whatever type or size gun safe you choose to buy, it is always important to make sure that your gun safe is securely mounted and to limit the number of weak spots that could be targeted. Most safes have some weak points and the external hinges will be the least of your concern if the safe is not properly secured.

Smaller safes might be quite portable or even packed with advanced technological features, but this will only keep the criminal out and not stop him from stealing the entire safe. We have set out to look at some of the top mounting strategies and techniques that will ensure that your gun safe is unmovable and that you can turn even the smallest of the safe into an immovable object. So let’s look at our top mounting tips for your gun safe:

#1 Choose a Corner for More Efficiency and Better Protection

It will be extremely hard for any intruder to move the safe if it has been mounted on multiple sides. Not only does this make the safe much more secure, but it also improves the overall protection from people trying to break open the safe.

Should you manage to cover all the side and only leave the front open, this should allow you to spend more time and resources to ensure that the front side is reinforced and adequately protected.

#2 The Ground is Always Immovable

While it might be tempting to mount the safe higher against a wall, there are still ways and weaknesses that can be exploited to break the safe out of the wall when you are on holiday. By mounting the safe on the ground, you will take advantage of gravity and this will generally increase the weight of the safe and simultaneously make it harder to break out.

#3 Use Steel Deadbolts

There are multiple ways that you can mount a safe, but going the way of steel deadbolts has always been more secure. Deadbolts are also recommended by the California department of Justice as the safes way to mount your safe. Cables can be cut and they can also wear over time, but deadbolts are stuck in the wall and they are away from the elements, thus keeping away erosion and making the safe much more secure.

#4 Built-in Safes are The Safest Choice

While these safes can also become really expensive, they tend to be the most secure choice and they are also protected from each side, allowing you to add all your time and resources to making the front impenetrable.

If you can afford to do this, we definitely recommend looking into this method to ensure that your safe cannot be moved and to limit the amount of space and intruder has to work with in order to break open the safe.

#5 Try to Conceal the Safe as Much as Possible

While this might not be easy for everyone and your options are limited when it comes to big safes, it can still be done. If the intruder does not find the safe, it will be safe and they will not try and break or steal the safe.

There are multiple methods to concealing your larger safes, but they may take some creativity and also cost you a few dollars extra, but after surviving a few break-ins, you will be grateful.

#6 Test the Weaknesses for Yourself

Some people only find out about the weaknesses of their safes when it is too late, but this can all be avoided by simply testing out a few of these weak spots. Please note that we are not telling you to break the safe, but only tamper with it slightly and try to figure out how you could improve the security of the safe. Sometimes weaknesses can be easily rectified and then it might cause some regret that you did not act upon those weaknesses.

#7 Weight Does Add its Own Element of Security

Let’s face it, would you try and move a 100-pound safe that has been mounted? Well, intruders also think so and if the safe has been securely mounted or upgraded on all of the sides, you can be sure that intruders might decide to skip the safe and look for other things worth stealing. We always try to recommend heavier safes to add that element of security to the safe and to let gravity be in your favor.

#8 Stick to The Square Box Design

There are multiple shapes and sizes for safes on the market, but there is also a reason that the box safe is so trusted and that it sells the most safes. A box safe is more compact and thus it is denser. It also focuses the mass in one location, thus making it seem heavier than it really is. When mounted to the floor, a box safe can really help you keep everything safe and improve the overall security of the safe.

#9 Look for The Best Steel on The Market

Drilling holes can certainly impair the overall strength of the safe and thus it could become weaker, but if you buy a gun safe made from better quality steel, you can be sure that it will hold its strength better and in return, your entire collection of valuable will be more secure.

Please note that these add-ons might be a little expensive, but when it comes to the safety of your valuables and especially those expensive firearms, you can never be too safe and spending an extra few bucks might just be worth it in the end.


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