7 Reasons You Should Carry a Concealed Gun


7 Reasons You Should Carry a Concealed GunWhile no one likes to think of getting hurt, the truth is that there are many situations where you could be in danger, especially if you away from the sanctity of your home. You want something that can help you to feel much safer no matter where you go, which is why many have opted to carry a gun with them.

The truth is that there are many good reasons to carry a firearm of some sort the go way beyond simple protection. Here are some of the most important reasons why you may want to carry a concealed weapon with you.

Because Gun Protects You

This is the most obvious reason. FBI statistics as of 2015 demonstrate that the number of assault cases were on the rise, and those numbers are only growing. This is why it makes sense to have some form of protection, especially if you are person who is forced to travel to your work or other locations by yourself.

It does not matter where you are, if you have a firearm on you then you can be sure that you are in a much better situation to be able to protect yourself. Many crimes happen in a blink of an eye, and a person who has been trained and understands how to use a firearm is in a much better situation to be able to protect themselves.

Adding Protection to Your Family

Interestingly enough, many crime statistics point to the fact that a person is more likely to be robbed if their spouse and small children are with them that if they are traveling by themselves. The immediate instinct is to do what is necessary to protect your family, which is something that most perpetrators take advantage of. Most will not fight back out of concern for their family.

However, you can turn the odds in your favor by carrying a firearm with you. Consider the fact that it has been reported that it could take up to 18 minutes before a sheriff’s deputy or police officer responds to a 911 call. That’s way too much time, time where your family could be injured, kidnapped, raped, or murdered.

Gives You Greater Confidence

Many are afraid to leave their home or apartment, especially at night out of fear of what awaits them should they walk out their front door. The world can be a scary place, especially if you live in an area where crime is a serious issue.

Having a concealed weapon on you can help you to feel a lot more confident in your ability to head out the door. Not arrogant. Not thinking you are Dirty Harry or something like that, but simply confident enough to know that you can defend yourself should a situation arise.

One of the benefits of having a handgun is the training that you have gone through. Most handgun safety courses will teach you about how to be better aware in your surroundings. This can also give you greater confidence, as your training has prepared you to be more alert in situations where you could be at risk.

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