Gun safes are extremely helpful and most reliable devices to protect your guns and other valuable and confidential items in your house. But protecting you gun safes is an equally crucial aspect from thieves and accidents. This article would specifically discuss the burglary of gun safes and how can we deal with it in the best possible ways.

Now, when it comes to any kind of security, it should be noted very clearly that these measures are to scare away the trespassers or thieves and notify you or the owner in case of burglary. That means they are not permanent and cannot be absolute enough to prevent theft forever. So as per the kind of situation that evolves, the type of efforts and measures you take in will also change. With this we shall move on to a few pointers which could be used as security measures.

#1 Lockers or safes

You get a lot of cheaper containers in the market which they claim can be used for the storage of valuable items at home and are termed as lockers. But these are not strong enough to stop the normal hit and run theft also. Whereas, compared to these lockers, the gun safes are huge ad built of multi layered metal sheets that are at least resistant to external force of hit and run types of thefts.

#2 Rating

Every gun safe is rated based on its capability of the protection it can provide to its contents and also the type of contents recommended for it to store. This rating will help you select the strongest and safest box for your contents.

#3 Safe’s gauge

Gauge is referred to the thickness of the steel or metal sheet with which the gun safe is made of. There is a minimum thickness that can be easily cut by cheap hand and power tools. Hence based on the level of security you are looking at, you need to select the thickness so that it cannot be robbed by cutting through the safe.

#4 Locking system

Pay complete attention to the locking system your gun safe should have depending upon the vulnerability of the situation of the location and your security requirements. E locks would be good for houses, but for commercial purpose where sensitive documents and items are kept in the safe, biometrics would serve better.

#5 Superior Technological features

In order to fight the security, there are a few manufacturers of gun safes who are providing connectivity solutions so that you get the status of your safes even when you are not at home. Like the SMS alerts or internet connectivity to notify you in case of any unwanted access to your safe. These features are must in highly sensitive and vulnerable regions. Even in the night time, when you are sleeping, your safes could be connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your homes and notify in case of any thefts.

#6 Higher Weight

The more is the weight of the safe, difficult it is to steal or break it. Also always get your safes hinged to the floor where you have kept it so that no one can just pick up the safe itself. Higher weight also means thicker body which is not easy to cut through.

These are a few steps and features to save your gun safes from burglary and keep your gun safes and its contents safe till you are notified about the theft and can take action against it. These features to some extent are also capable of scaring away the robbers and save your efforts.


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