7 Secrets on How to Make Your Gun Safe Childproof

Children, especially boys, love to play with guns. Children always aspire to be like their parents, but they are unable to fully understand the dangers associated with firearms. You as a parent have a responsibility to keep your household and your children safe. To do this many people choose to buy firearms for protection.

Children can really make life hard when it comes to keeping their lives safes. With action movies now becoming more and more popular, every child wants to be a superhero and have their own gun, but they do not know the risks that are associated with guns and with great power comes responsibility.

We all know how important it is to keep children away from gun safes and that sometimes, a gun safe might be tampered open. Therefore, hiding your gun safe is the only way that can help you preventing any unnecessary accidents and keep your family safe.

7 Best Spots and Methods to Hide Your Gun Safe

We have decided to pick the 7 best hiding spots to keep you safes away from children and potential danger. Concealment can be hard with larger safes and therefore, this list will only contain hiding spots for smaller safes, but we also recommend keeping your larger safe under a watchful eye when children are playing close by. These tips will not cost you extra money except for the mounting and thus it is a valuable free resource to know about.

  1. Keep the Safe High

    Children are short and they cannot always reach those higher spots. By hiding your safe on top of something, beyond their reach, you can be sure that they will not be able to play or tamper with it. You will need to ensure that the safe is securely mounted to ensure that it does not come loose and fall to the ground and that you still have optimal access in times of need.

  2. Do Not Let The Child See You Accessing The Safe

    This is not so much a hiding spot, but more of a valuable tip and it is great to ensure that no one has knowledge of the safe. Children tend to be curious when it comes to seeing new things and if they are not educated on the matter or know of its existence, it will not bother them.

    While it might seem that children are everywhere, you can control this by accessing the safe when they are not present and keeping the entire safe a secret until they are old enough to understand the dangers of firearms.

  3. Keep The Safe Close by Your Resting Area

    Hiding your safe from a child can be tough and they like to search everywhere for things and accidentally stumble across the safe. A nightstand gun safe or desk safe will be great for ensuring the safety of your children and also optimal access. This means that the kids will not be able to gain access to the safe without your knowledge, but if you can keep the safe close by and still not tell them or let them see, it should keep them from discovering the safe and letting curiosity set in.

  4. Place in the Locked Closet

    Keeping your safe behind your clothing in a locked closet does seem like kind of a cliché, but when it comes to keeping it away from your children, this method is actually really effective and children will need to first access the closet before they get to the safe.

    This method is not only effective against children, but it might work as a method of concealment against intruders as well. By keeping the safe in a hidden location, you are increasing the safety and security of your firearms and valuables.

  5. Consider a Built-in or Walk-in Safe

    The built-in and walk-in safes have been rated as some of the best on the market and they also provide you with a lot of value and extra space. The built-in safe is secure and it also uses a tamper-proof mechanical key lock that is similar to that of a locked door.

    Children will know they cannot enter the room and you should never take them inside, but it will be your responsibility to ensure that the keys are kept safe and away from them to add to the protection.

  6. Move the Safe if it is Portable

    Having a portable safe is kind of beneficial and you will be able to move the safe around, therefore, the child will not be able to know where the safe is and it will also make an inside job harder when someone is targeting your house for a break in.

    We do recommend that the safe is mounted and this might take you a little longer when it comes to moving the safe, but if you manage to keep the safe under your watchful eye most of the tie, you should be reluctant to know that it will be safe.

  7. Educate Your Children From a Young Age

    Knowledge is power and with knowledge, people will learn much faster and be able to make better decisions. If you can educate your children on safes and their working and also the dangers associated with firearms, you will be able to let them near the safe and they should make the smarter choice.

    To do this, you will need to wait until they are the appropriate age to understand these dangers, but until then, you could use the above-mentioned hiding spots and methods to ensure that your children do not access the safe and that their lives are put at minimal risk.

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