Best Gun Safe Accessories

#11 Shelves

SentrySafe 912 Fire Chest Removable ShelvesWhile many safes you will purchase come with shelving, adding some additional or purchasing them should your safe not come with shelves is essential. This is the best way for you to be able to organize the interior part of your safe. They are practicaland add a decorative look.

Keeping You Organized
Shelving allows you to organize the safe in a way that best fits your needs. You can make specific areas for magazines, ammunition, or gun cleaning equipment. Items that don’t need as much space, but would afford you the ability to locate them more easily.

Shelving can also help to keep specific items separate to help locate them. If you have an area dedicated to jewelry, setting up a specific region of your safe to be able to locate it quickly is beneficial for you. Plus, you may like to know that your grandmother’s diamond ring is not coming in contact with gun cleaning solvent.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe
There is also the added advantage of adding greater protection for documents and media that you are storing within your unit. Many people store their mortgage, titles to their vehicle or home, or hard drives or flash drives within their safe. Keeping items that could get oils or dirt onto these important valuables is essential.

Keeping You and Your Family Safe
Plus, they help you to be able to locate things in an emergency. Should you have an intruder break into your home and you need to reach your handgun quickly, having it sitting on a shelf, handle out, makes sure that you are at the ready, assured of defending you and your family.

#10 Anchor Bolts

Liberty Safe Wood Anchor KitsEnsuring that your safe is securely fastened in place so that it cannot be stolen is essential. Most units that you purchase will provide you with the necessary anchor bolts to lock your safe in place but, if they don’t, then you will need to make this purchase yourself.

Giving Your Safe Time
Using these bolts helps to ensure that your safe is locked in place. It creates a situation where it would take a lot of time and effort to remove the safe, time that you would have to contact the police or for your alarm system to notify local law enforcement that someone has burglarized your home.

Suited to Fit Your Needs
These anchor bolts can be used in a variety of situations, depending upon the type that you purchase. You can find different sizes and shapes, giving you the ability to attach them to:

  • Framing boards
  • Concrete flooring
  • Steel or other metal panels

There are options for you out there no matter what you need.

#9 Sack Ups

Gun Sack-Ups Value-Pac Pistol 5 Per Pack Camouflage 207SAAs an additional protection for your long rifles, you may want to consider getting this product. It is a perfect case that surrounds your firearm so that it is not damaged while it is positioned on the rack. Some of these are even large enough in size to still encompass a long rifle with scope still attached.

The Benefits of Sacking Up
If you are intending to store your rifle for an extended period of time or if you are moving it from one location to another, you most definitely want to use this product.

They also common in different colors should you want something that fits more to your style. There are a number of benefits to using one of these products. They include:

  • Provide protection for weapons up to 52 inches in length and 12 inches in height
  • Can hold rifle with scope
  • Provides protection from scratches or other cosmetic damage

#8 Clips and Rifle Organizers

Liberty Safe Wood Anchor KitsIf you have a safe where you are storing your rifles and shotguns, the use of single rifle clips or rifle organizers can be an ideal choice. These items are made for those who have purchased a standup safe meant to house long rifles.

Keeping Your Weapons and Safe… Safe
Through the use of this product, you not only get a well organized safe, but you also get protection for your weapons so they are not damaged. This also ensures that the inside of your safe is not scratched or damaged in any way.

Different Options Available
If you have a long rifle, then purchasing a single clip that is attached at the top and bottom of your safe will hold your rifle in place snuggly. You can buy different types of organizers that can hold varying numbers of rifles. Some of which allows some to face directly at you while others are faced towards a sidewall, giving you additional room.

Ready at a Moment’s Notice
Besides being a great protective measure for your rifles and the safe, this also gives you the ability to grab your weapon quickly in an emergency situation. They are housed within the organizer much in the same way that the door organizer housed the handguns, handle out. Here, you are able to grab the stock of the weapon and quickly be able to use it if necessary.


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