Best Portable Car Gun Safe Reviews 2019


Best Car Gun Safe ReviewsNot everyone believes in having an additional safe for their cars, but a good car safe can definitely enhance the safety of everything that you carry along and tend to leave in the car. In this day and age with crime escalating all over the world, many people have decided to carry their firearms along and this can have both a positive and negative impact on society.

The positive being that you will always be protected when danger arises and the negative is the fact that if your gun is not safely concealed or at least secure when traveling, it could easily be stolen and even result in harm to someone else.

You’d think that any small safe will simply do the trick and work inside your car, but that is not the case and some of the top car safes have been specifically designed for this. Other small and portable safes might be great looking and full of fancy features, but you need the best car gun safe to ensure that it fulfill its primary responsibility of keeping your valuables and especially your firearms safe from theft.

7 Best Car Gun Safes on the Market!

PreviewCar Gun SafeRatingPrice
 First Watch/Homak 6-Gun Security Cabinet HS30103605 Review#1 Sentrysafe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE
 First Watch/Homak 8-Gun Double Door Security Cabinet HS30136028 Review#2 Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe
 First Watch 10-Gun Steel Security Cabinet HS30120100 Review#3 SOLOMONE CAVALLI Portable Biometric Fingerprint Gun Pistol Safe
 Homak 12-Gun Mechanical Combination Lock Safe HS40221120 Review#4 Stealth Portable Handgun Safe PS1210EZ
 Homak 16-Gun Fire Resistant Steel Safe HS50131160 Review#5 The GunBox Biometric Handgun Safe
 First Watch 24-Gun Black Hills Series Fire- Safe BH50136240 Review#6 VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe
 First Watch 48-Gun Blue Ridge Series Fire-Safe BR50135480 Review#7 Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

#1 Sentrysafe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE Review

Editor Favorits
  • One handed access features
  • Remarkably silent with no feedback
  • Battery powered that could last up to 2 years
  • Lightweight frame makes it very portable and easy to disguise

  • Could be easily moved by intruders and therefore should be thoroughly disguised

If you are looking for something quiet and easy to access, the Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE will be the perfect fit for you. The safe does not have any feedback when closing or locking. While this may seem dangerous, it could be extremely beneficial and could save you a lot of noise in the evening should something occur and silence is required.

The one-handed access feature is a great addition and will allow you store this small and compact safe out of sight to easily. If you cannot enter with a fingerprint, the safe still offers users the ability to use the electronic keypad to quickly and silently open the safe.

The safe is made to withstand tough conditions and can face a lot of wear and tear. The body is reinforced with 12 gauge solid steel construction, giving you all the strength without sacrificing the weight of the safe. Because of the lightweight frame, this safe can easily be stored on most shelves and the style will even give you the ability to disguise it amongst books or other boxes.

Finally, the compression powered gas strut will keep this box safe open and allow you to take out and insert all the items without having to fear that the lid may crash down on your hands. This also adds to the one handedness feature that will give you further functionality.

If you may have lost your password or if your fingerprint does not register, the safe has included an override feature. It will allow you to enter a new passcode and register your fingerprint again, but don’t fit as the override key also works with a passcode that only you will know and the intruders will not be able just to enter the safe.

The safe is big enough to keep 1 J&K revolver, full-size semi-automatic handgun. With this size you will have not only the ability to store a lot of documents but also the capacity to store some of your jewelry. The jewelry can be taken out and easily stored every day without prying eyes looking where you have stored them.

Overall this is one of the best biometric gun safes, perfect for men and women alike. The lightweight frame will make it easy to use for women to keep their jewelry out of harm’s way and men can store their handguns quite close to where they generally are in the house. This safe could be a great addition to your bedside and will keep you and your valuable safe.

#2 Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe Review

Editor Favorits
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect
  • Added features to give you quick accessibility
  • Great for operating with one hand

  • Might be too expensive for the average family

The Fort Knox gun safe is great for single gun owners and the safe offers a lot of value to these owners. The interior has been foam padded and this will be great for keeping the gun safe and ensuring that it can resist impact to a higher degree with all of your valuables inside.

The safe is also great for adding jewelry and we also believe that you will be able to add a few clips of ammunition. The box has been perfectly designed for use in motor vehicles.

The safe features a 10 gauge steel constructed frame and the door features a new and revolutionary wrap around the structure that will ensure that the safe is even more pry-resistant than some of the safes with a similar design. If you add the fact that no hinges are present, you will have a virtually impenetrable safe when it comes to common household tools.

The exterior has been powder coated to provide a better and stylish look. Once you feel the safe, you will notice that it is smooth and it will be great for adding extra protection to the already impact resistant features. The powder finish will also ensure that it never scratches and that rust never sets in.

The safe features a push-button simplex combination locking mechanism with up to 1081 different locking combinations to ensure that the combination cannot easily be guessed. The locking mechanism will trigger the durable inner live action bolt and this will ensure that your valuable and firearms are always fully protected.

The safe is quite heavy for the small size, but this will only add another layer of protection as it will be immovable once you have dead bolted the safe to the ground of anywhere that you may need it. We highly recommend this as a car safe as well.

You will receive a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defect when purchasing the safe. This is one of the ultimate signs of confidence from the manufacturers as the safe already commands an expensive price.

The safe also features a added gas strut to help keep the safe open when it is unlocked and this will make it the perfect one handed operating safe. The safe is also big enough to store valuable documents and smaller files.

People looking for a portable but efficient safe will find great value from the safe and single gun owners will also be able to turn the safe into the ultimate man box. The safe might be a little heavy, but we believe that the weight will only add to the overall protection.

Overall, once you get past the price and you notice the value and quality in the safe, you will be able to get great use out of it for multiple years. When a manufacturer offers you a lifetime warranty, you can know that the safe is made from high-quality materials and is sure to provide you with value.

#3 SOLOMONE CAVALLI Portable Biometric Fingerprint Gun Pistol Safe

SOLOMONE CAVALLI Portable Biometric Fingerprint Gun Pistol Safe Review

Editor Favorits
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to access
  • Multi-functional use and can be used to store more than one object
  • Very easy to mount and secure

  • The lack of a keypad may make it difficult to notice low batteries

The Solomone Cavalli Portable Biometric Fingerprint Gun Pistol Safe is the ultimate multi-functional and multi-purpose safe. The safe is big enough to house Glock 17, but unfortunately, a Desert Eagle may be a little too big for the safe. You will still be able to add jewelry with your firearm and the protective foam mat on the inside will protect your jewelry if the safe may fall or if someone drops it.

The interior design is intended to allow easy and quick access. This will in turn also enable you to add more items into the safe with your firearm and make this the perfect safe to keep in your car, drawer and even in the office.

The lightweight structure is perfect for putting the safe in your car and your drawer at home, but if you want to secure the safe, you can easily mount the safe to any will or object using the high-quality cable to tighten your safe.

This safe is designed to be used in any location and can even be used in a car to protect you and your firearm. The steel frame has been tested through rigorous condition and the steel has been forged at extremely high temperatures to ensure that no one can pry open your safe.

The high-quality steel will also keep out any erosion and your safe will keep everything dry in the event that water may spill on it. Furthermore, the safe has been designed to fit into the glove compartment of most cars and this will be perfect for hiding or disguising your safe from prying eyes.

The biometric finger scanner has been made to make sure that your finger can be scanned from any direction and the software will adjust to your finger, making it easier to use with every attempt.

The safe can house up to 20 fingerprints and the first three are considered to be the admin fingerprints. These administrators will have the power to remove any fingerprints that are no longer in use and may not need any further access. The safe will also arrive with two backup keys to easily override the fingerprint scanner in case it may malfunction.

The software and onboard computer is powered by four AA batteries that will last for a few years and will save you the cost of batteries that could break or not be of high-quality.

On the downside there is no keypad fitted and the safe will require you to use a fingerprint scanner or the override keys. This will sometimes leave you in doubt once the battery starts to deplete and it may be a good idea to keep the keys close by at every opportunity.

Overall this safe is perfect for multi-functional use and you will have the ability to move the safe from car to drawer easily. We recommend that you secure the safe with the high-quality and extremely durable cable that is provided to ensure greater security and less chance of theft. This will certainly be a great buy for any handgun enthusiast and someone that does not yet own a safe.

How to Choose a Car Gun Safe?

I like to discuss seven things that will make it easier for you to choose the perfect safe and to help ensure that you get the most value out of your safe. These features can be quite costly, but having quality will give you peace of mind and ensure that you have the most value for your hard earned cash.

  • Size. In most cases, it is relevant to look at the size of the safe and this is really true when it comes to your car safe. Some people like to think that bigger is better, but this is not the case when it comes to your car safe. Smaller safes will also force you to carry along less valuable items and even though this might not seem like value, it certainly helps when your car is stolen and you have a lot of your valuables safely kept away at home.
  • Internal composition. After consulting with a few professional gun safe designers and many of the people who already have these safes installed, everyone recommends cushioned or foam interior. Should you happen to be in an accident, this softer cushioning will help keep everything in order and your safe will be impact resistant. The safe is also less likely to allow the firearm to dislodge a bullet when it is impact resistant.
  • Locking type (outside). The lock type that opens the safe is important in all circumstances, but when you buy a gun safe for your car, you should be looking for something that will give you faster access and will not require you to look for the keys and get through the fiddling process. While the simplex push button safes work perfectly for those who are not yet ready to move up with technology, the biometric fingerprint scanner is recommended for faster access.
  • Locking type (internal). In the bigger safes for your home, we always preach live action bolts when it comes to the lock, but with cars, this could take longer to open if you choose to go with the push button lock. The hook and clip lock will give you faster access, but it can also be easier to pry open and this is even truer if the hinges are on the outside of the safe. I like the smaller live action bolts and believe that they will be great and provide fast access with a biometric lock.
  • Design. Does the safe feature a door and is it square or rectangular? This really makes a difference when it comes to finding the ideal place to hide your safe. With the current design of most cars, the smaller and rectangular safe should be much more efficient and you should be much more inclined to find the best hiding spot for your car gun safe. The standard box safes will be great when mounted in your trunk, but once again this will limit the access.
  • Mounting tools and requirements. Car gun safes can be hard to mount, especially if you decide to use deadbolts. We recommend finding the perfect hiding spot and then searching for a safe that will fit inside the particular hiding spot. This will allow you to be more clinical when it comes to choosing the correct gun safe for your car.
  • Added opening help. While we already know how important fast access is, it will be great to have something that will help speed up the opening process and even keep the safe open for you to get the firearm with one hand. These one handed safes can be a little more expensive and they are all fitted with additional gas struts that will open the safe for you and even keep the safe open.
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