Best Shooting Vest Reviews While there are a number of great shooting vests that are available on the market today, we wanted to give you some options that can help you to make an informed choice. Here are 12 of the very best.

12 Best Rated Shooting Vests on the Market!

PreviewShooting VestRatingPrice
Wild Hare Shooting Gear Heatwave Mesh Vest#1 Wild Hare Shooting Gear Heatwave Mesh Vest
Browning Trapper Creek Vest#2 Browning Trapper Creek Vest
Beretta Men's Mole Shooting Vest#3 Beretta Men’s Mole Shooting Vest
Browning Men's Summit Vest#4 Browning Men’s Summit Vest
Champion Shooting Gear Trap Vest#5 Bob-Allen Shooting Vest
Champion Shooting Gear Trap Vest#6 Champion Shooting Gear Trap Vest
Browning Ace Shooting Vest-Blue#7 Browning Ace Shooting Vest-Blue
Challenger Shooting Vest#8 Challenger Shooting Vest
Beretta Men’s Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest#9 Beretta Men’s Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest
Allen Ace Shooting Vest#10 Allen Ace Shooting Vest
Beretta Women's Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest#11 Beretta Women’s Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest
Xhunter Clay Target Pigeon Shooting Vest#12 Xhunter Clay Target Pigeon Shooting Vest

#12 Xhunter Clay Target Pigeon Shooting Vest

Xhunter Clay Target Pigeon Shooting Vest Review

Editor Favorites
  • An ultra-lightweight vest that is designed with a mesh body
  • Provides recoil pads for each shoulder to make it so that it is ambidextrous
  • Provides some adjustment to accommodate your size and shape
  • The shell pockets are expandable to give you additional room
  • A great looking vest that you could use for hiking and camping as well
  • It claims to be one-size-fits-all but is not a good option if you are over 6 feet tall
  • A limited amount of storage space provided
  • The adjustable straps don’t seem to work as designed
This is another ultra-lightweight vest that may be the perfect option if you are person who is going to spend an extensive amount of time outdoors. This vest is designed with a mesh that helps to keep you cool and makes the vest extremely lightweight.

There are quilted shooting pads included on both sides of the shoulder that are designed to make this a vest that is ambidextrous. Any person would be able to use this and get the comfort they need from recoil.

Included on both sides of the vest are large pockets. Snap buttons help to hold the pockets closed, and there is plenty of space to be able to store a large number of rounds or other accessories you wish to carry with you. You can even expand the pockets if needed by on snapping the sides. This gives you even greater storage capability.

This is truthfully a no-frills kind of vest. There aren’t additional pockets on the inner part of the vest or on the back. It does provide for some adjustment to make it more comfortable to fit. It provides a zipper to secure the vest and it is extremely comfortable to wear. Many other options come with additional features.

This is the perfect option for someone who was a low cost product that is durable and is meant to last. You will truly appreciate what a great product it is once you put it on.

#11 Beretta Women’s Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest

Beretta Women's Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest Review

Editor Favorites
  • A great vest that is perfectly designed for women
  • Comes in sizes that fit almost any woman ranging from small all the way up to 3XL
  • Extremely comfortable to wear and is made to keep you cool during long days out
  • Comes with two expandable pockets and an interior pocket
  • Prevents shoulder strain through use of recoil pads
  • The sizes are a little misleading, as you probably need at least one size larger than what you would normally wear
  • It would be better if it came with an empty shell pocket in the back
It doesn’t seem that often enough products for shooters are designed specifically for women, but this is one exception, and a good one. This shooting vest is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton to make it breathable and comfortable to wear. If you want something that is functional and ensures you don’t get overheated, this is a great choice.

In addition, the sides, a portion of the front, and the back are made with a mesh to help make it even more breathable. This also gives a greater flexibility, allowing you to move with comfort.

There are two large front pockets that are expandable. This is accomplished by releasing the snaps. An inner pocket is also included for your valuables, plus there are inner pockets that use the patented Beretta Recoil Reducer technology. This allows you to reduce the amount of recoil impact on your shoulder no matter whether you are a right-handed or left-handed shot.

Not only is it a functional vest that will be perfect when you are out hunting or at the range, but has a great look to it as well. It is padded in all the right places, and it fits perfectly with their new polo and t-shirt products made of the same materials.

It comes in a long fit and is tailor designed to accommodate the curves of a woman. It really is a very well constructed vest and is proof that Beretta really understands how to make fantastic products no matter what they are designing.


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