Yes, it is possible to have your own gun safe designed to your own special and unique specifications, but it is quite expensive, though. When you decide to have your gun safe designed, it is not just as simple as building it and you will have the opportunity to make the better choice and choose the hiding place and safe type as well.

Finding the right steel and ensuring that the design is perfect for your needs, might be the only challenge that you face, but we have set out to find a few places in the home where you could easily hide your safe and have it designed specifically for those places.

It is also possible to customize the interior of your safe and this will allow you to make more space for the things you need and you could easily have your shelves built in at the exact spot you will need them and you might never need to move the shelves.

The only downside to a custom designed gun safe is the fact that it can’t really be moved and you will need to have the safe rebuilt once you move to a new home. This could be cost effective, but you can charge more for the house as it has a custom built safe.

So with that being said, let’s look at the best places for custom designed gun safes:

Built-in Closet Safe

Having a safe built into the closet can be great and it will offer you more security than a stand-alone safe. This could be rather expensive at first, but once the entire closet has been reinforced, you can be sure that no one can get inside.

The door is one of the most important parts when it comes to a built-in closet safe and this needs to be carefully designed to be pry and drill resistant. The thicker the metal, the better the door will be, but this will also make the door heavier and it might be harder to open close the door.

Furthermore, we highly recommend that you resort to a standard key locking system to lock the safe and that it will be much more trustworthy than a biometric safe on this safe type.

Built-in Floor Safe

There are already many floor safes on the market which can be a great buy, but if you have the cash, we highly recommend that you have the safe custom designed and built into your specifications. This will make the safe more secure as you will be able to choose the metal type and you may also choose to make the safe fire and water resistant with an added interior plastic lining.

Intruders generally expect safes to be hidden in closet area or in plain sight, but they do not necessarily look for the safe in the ground and the key advantage that you will have is space. The intruder will not know where to start looking and might as well give up in the end.

We highly recommend that you choose this safe type if you are a gun collector or hunter and that you have the locking system custom designed. The simplex push button locking mechanism should work best and if an intruder manages to find the safe, you can be sure that they will have a hard time trying to get through the locking mechanism.

Why Do We Recommend a Custom Built-in Safe?

Having the power of total control is great and everyone wants to have this power. When you have a safe that has been designed to your needs, you will be able to have more peace of mind and you could choose all of the security features.

It has also been proven the custom built safes are more effective against break-ins, but it is important to make sure that the safe does meet the national guidelines for installing a safe. In the United Stated, the California Department of Justice is the leader at determining whether a safe is a high enough quality and if it meets the correct needs to ensure that intruders cannot penetrate.

The Bottom Lines

We hope that you now see how beneficial these custom safes can be and that you should try to invest in them if you can afford them. We know that they can become expensive, but it will definitely be a lifelong investment that will pay for itself over time and we also like to suggest that you make use of combination and mechanical locking mechanisms for these bigger safes.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and also like to encourage you to share your thoughts on custom made gun safes. We would also like to know of any other unique designs that you have or creative designs that you feel will be practical and great for concealing and keeping your weapons safe.


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