Best Barska Gun Safe Reviews

PreviewBarska Gun SafeDimensionsWeightRatingPrice
BARSKA Biometric Safe Review#1 Barska AX-11224 Biometric Safe16.5″ x 14.5″ x 7.8″28 lbs
Barska Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe Review#2 Barska AX11780 Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe65″ x 40″ x 48″137 lbs
BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe Review#3 BARSKA AX11556 Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe11.4″ x 14.8″ x 5″21 lbs
BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe Review#4 BARSKA AX11620 Mini Biometric Safe7.8″ x 11.8″ x 7.8″12.13 lbs
BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Review#5 BARSKA AX11650 Large Biometric Safe14″ x 13″ x 19.75″48.5 lbs
Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 Review#6 Barska AX11652 Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe52.2″ x 9.8″ x 8.7″65 lbs
BARSKA New Large Quick Access Biometric Rifle Gun Safe Cabinet Review#7 BARSKA New Large Quick Access Biometric Rifle Gun Safe Cabinet13″ x 13″ x 52.25″82 lbs

#1 Barska AX-11224 Biometric Safe

BARSKA AX11556 Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe Review

Editor Favorites
  • Lightweight and easy to mount
  • Easy to access fingerprint scanner
  • Can be fitted in a truck and RV
  • Fingerprint scanner should be regularly cleaned and taken care of to make sure your finger can easily be scanned
A very safe and easy to access biometric fingerprint safe, the Barska biometric safe is a great addition to keep in places where you spend most of your daily time. The safe has a built in memory system that will allow you to store up to 30 different fingerprints and the size is big enough to fit in even the largest of handguns available.

Overall this safe is excellent for storing your valuable and jewelry. The safe also comes quite handy for storing smaller firearms, but the bigger rifles will not fit. The safe has been proven to withstand high temperatures and keep documents dry if water is spilled or thrown on the safe.

The mounting hardware of this safe has also been tried and tested on various walls and panels. The results found that the Barska biometric safe will not be pulled from the wall in any scenario and that you would need at least a few hours to dismount the safe without the right tools.

The portability and lightweight materials used in the safe are ideal for mounting the safe on a higher and more secure panel. This will allow you to keep the safe away from the children and in perfect reach for you to access.

The safe comes complete with mounting hardware and two extra keys that can be used if the fingerprint system fails. The fingerprint system can be accessed from any angle, giving you more functionality when mounting the safe. The two steal deadlock bolts keep the safe tightly secured and you won’t have to worry about anyone getting inside.

The biometric features of this safe is powered by using four AA batteries and with the little amount of power that is consumed by the scanner, these batteries can last for up to 2 years. This will save you a lot of money while providing instant and easy access to your firearm and other valuable items.

The maintenance on this safe is not a lot and a thorough clean once a year may be all that is needed. The fingerprint scanner should also be checked every six months if you do not use the safe a lot to make sure that all the registered fingerprints are working.

Finally, this safe can even be bolted to an RV or truck, but we highly do not recommend this. The safe proves to be very easy move from place to place and with the affordable price, this safe is sure to be a one-time buy and the perfect fitting for any gun enthusiast.

#2 Barska AX11780 Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe Review

Editor Favorites
  • Ability to ascertain identities of up to 120 different users by virtue of its Biometric Fingerprint Technology
  • Can be mounted on a secure foundation
  • Unique five Point Deadbolt locking system
  • Adjustable racks for flexible storage space
  • Doesn’t built with a very high quality steel
Barska Extra Large Rifle Safe is the perfect choice when you want to have your rifle handy should you need it, but also keep the children safe. This rifle safe can hold up to 4 long guns, and has a shelf for a handgun and/or ammunition. The biometric fingerprint lock lets you get into the safe instantly, and the warning ‘beep’ can be turned off.

It has removable racks for flexibility in storage. It weighs around 139 lbs, and is capable of being mounted to a secure foundation on the floor. It includes the hardware to assist you in doing so.

The locking system is a five point deadbolt system, which is great for accessing it even when you are in a hurry. The safe also comes with a limited one year warranty.

Extra Large Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Rifle Safe by Barska AX11780

Backup keys are included, as is mounting hardware for fixing your Barska Rifle Safe to the wall or floor. Barska makes a line of biometric safes perfect for handguns, and has recently added one for rifles and shotguns. A Barska biometric safe will allow you to keep your pistol near your bed or in any room you wish.

Pre-drilled holes will allow you to bolt the safe to the wall, shelf, or floor, so it cannot simply be picked up and carried off. These safes are simple to program, and will allow you to add up to 120 fingerprints, depending on the model. These safes will give you quick access to your firearms when you need it.

The safe is powered by batteries, but all of the batteries have been included in the package. The safe has also been approved by the California Department of Justice as one of the best safes to keep your rifles secure and to ensure that you have great protection.

The safe might be expensive to buy at first, but we believe that it will be a quality investment for anyone with rifles and that it will definitely provide perfect value.


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