Having a portable safe can be costly, but it is also really effective in times of need and for travelling purposes. Not all safes are designed equal and even though the portable safe can be stolen, it will provide the perfect portable security.

Most portable safes can also be mounted to improve their security and I have decided to look at what benefits you will get when you decide to invest in a portable safe and which safes will be the best to use as portable safes.

I need to remind you that even though portable safes are effective, the safe will still need to be mounted in order to ensure that no one can steal the save. Should your safe be stolen, it will render the protective features useless and I recommend looking for portable ways to mount your safe as you travel.

Portable Gun Safe Benefits

The portable gun safe does allow you great functional use and you will be able to move more frequently and also keep your valuables safes. Portable gun safes are usually cheaper, but the biometric locks will cost you a little extra and allow you faster access, but let’s look at some of the other advantages of having a portable gun safe. With that being said, let’s look at some of the benefits of a portable gun safe.

  • Light and easy to move around While this can be seen as both a pro and a con, if you keep constant vision in the safe or find a great place to conceal it, you will eliminate the con aspect of the safe. The pro aspect is huge and you will be able to move the safe around as you please and be capable of carrying it around on travels.

    By carrying it around on travels, you should also be able to store more of your valuables inside and when someone targets your house, they will not be able to steal everything. The portable safe is normally light and will not require you to be a bodybuilder to carry around.

  • Great for air travel Normally, guns are not welcomed on airplanes and thus you will be unable to carry your gun to your travel destination, but certain gun safes have been approved by air officials and customs to allow you the opportunity to travel with your weapon. I recommend investing in these gun safes if you plan on travelling a lot.
  • Great for storing important business information In today’s world, business spies are not uncommon and they are almost everywhere. By having a small and portable safe, you should be able to take care of vital information and also carry it along to ensure that unwanted eyes do not have access to it. The portable safe can also have portable mounting stations that can be built in at various locations to ensure that no one can steal your safe.
  • They are cheaper Not everyone needs the larger safes and some people only have a few items that they need to have protected. The portable safe can be great at providing you the fast and cheap protection that you can carry around and you will have all your valuables with you.

    If you are looking for multi-functionality and value for your money, you should definitely consider the portable safe option to ensure that you get the best possible use and features for your money.

  • They are easier to conceal If no one can see the safe, they cannot try to break into the safe and that is really important to take into account. Portable safes are smaller and they can be hidden more effectively and in more hard to reach places. By having concealment as your first level of security, you are also improving the value that the safe provides you with.
  • The safes are easier to mount Mounting a safe can be tough and choosing the location can be much harder. By investing in a portable safe, you will be able to mount the safe much easier and more effectively. This will also allow you to set up multiple mounting stations in various locations to ensure that you can mount the safe wherever you are.

Portable Gun Safe Cons

It would be wrong to only look at the benefits of a portable safe and not to mention the cons of these safes. These cons are minor, but they still remain possible hazards to the safety of your firearm and valuable items.

  • It is easy to move. Because the safe is easier to move and very light, the safe can possibly be stolen when you are not paying attention or if someone distracts you. To limit this, it is recommended that you keep the safe mounted as much as possible in order to make it harder for intruders to try and steal the safe.
  • Portable safes are weaker for weight reasons. Lighter metals and materials are used in these safes and this is definitely apparent in the locking mechanisms. This can make the safe easier to pry open and thus the intruders will make off with your valuables.

I recommend judging the safe by the locking features and the toughness of the metal used in construction to ensure that you have optimal protection from theft and prying. A biometric lock is also recommended to ensure that you have fast access in times of need and to provide more electronically enhanced locking features.

Wrap up

I would like to thank you for reading this article and I hope that you understand the value of a portable safe. I also hope that you have taken notice of the fact that you should be careful with this type of safe as well. I would like to encourage you to share your thoughts on portable safes and to recommend some of the features that you feel makes a portable safe the perfect value for anyone. Furthermore, if you have any questions about the portable safe, I would be happy to answer them.


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