Single-Stage vs. Progressive vs. Turret Reloading PressFor those who are looking for a reloading press it can be a little difficult to try to figure out which one works best for you. This is especially true if you are a beginner. For most seasoned marksmen they have likely chosen a reloading press that has become comfortable for them. They have a specific preference.

However, there are many out there who are wondering which makes the perfect reloading press for them. Without much understanding of the difference between the three types, they are left a bit in the dark about what would work best for them. So, here is a description of three types of presses and which one would likely work best for you.

#1 Single Stage Reloading Press

Single-Stage Reloading PressThe single stage reloading press, by name, gives you a clear idea that this is the simplest press to use. You get a great deal of performance for your weapon, as you are able to find tune bullets to specifically fit the barrel of your gun. Plus, this reloading press is so efficient that it can reduce your bill for purchasing new ammunition by as much as 50%.

What makes this such a good choice is simplicity. This is a basic unit press with only one function. It is the specific die that is being used that will determine the round that is created each time that you pull down the handle. You will be able to create several different kinds of route, but the reality is that this is built to be nothing more than ammunition creator. It is really the die that you are using that is the difference and what is produced.

One of the biggest problems with using this particular press is speed. Because you are only able to do one thing at a time, it means that you have to go through the process for each round to be able to create your ammunition. When you have to change the die, you slow down the process even more.

This is a small trade-off to many gun enthusiasts, who prefer to have the highest degree of accuracy in creating their ammunition. What makes the single-stage press so ideal in this way is that there are far fewer moving parts, sure that you are getting the same exact ammunition on each pole of the handle.

#2 Progressive Reloading Press

Progressive Reloading PressAs the single press allows you to do just one function at a time, the progressive allows you to multitask with each pole of the handle. The progressive press comes in two different styles – the manual index and the auto index.

The manual index press requires the user to rotate the plate that contains the shells to ensure that the rounds are moved to the next position for creation. Conversely, the auto indexing press will advance a new round for you automatically after each pole of the handle.

This particular kind of press is ideal for those who want volume to be a primary reason for purchasing the press. It is not uncommon to see that a person can create 300 rounds in an hour’s period of time using the progressive loading press, regardless of whether you’re using the automated or manual option.

Because there are a number of moving parts involved with this kind of press, there is the issue of getting less accurate ammunition. This does not mean that you will necessarily get ammunition that is less accurate, but simply that the possibility increases by using this particular kind of press. This is especially true if you were trying to create a large volume of rounds in a short duration of time.

#3 Turret Reloading Press

Turret Reloading PressThe turret press is very much like the single-stage option. You only are able to work on one case at a time, and the two types of presses actually use the same shall holders. However, the difference is that the turret option allows you to hold several different dies on a disc shaped deterrent all at the same time. This allows you to be able to rotate the die quickly to another option if you so to do so. A turret reloading press will hold anywhere from 3 to 7 dies depending upon the model that you use.

These are always manually indexed presses, where the user must pull down the handle to activate the die so that it will create the round or you. However, this particular kind of press has become quite popular with those who are looking to create a much more accurate round. The user is able to employ a large set of resizing dies, including using the expander die to expand all the cases, then rotating the turret to the seater or crimp die to be able to finish off the loading. This can be a significant savings in time for those who are looking to create the most accurate of rounds.

What Kinds of Ammunition Can You Create?

The best part of any one of these types of reloading presses is that you can create any kind of round you need. Some models may vary which can limit the different types of ammunition, but the presses themselves were not designed to be specific or a certain kind of round.

It is really the die that you are employing during the process that determines the ammunition size, casing, and selection that you are creating. This is why these kinds of machines have become so popular; they provide few limitations to the gun enthusiast.

Again, what you may find is that there are specific brands or models within a type of press which are designed for specific types of rounds. This is why it pays to look and see what the options are that are available before deciding to make a decision.

The truth is that you are faced with accuracy versus expediency. The more accurate the round that you want, the more likely it should be that you would choose either the turret or single-stage press. If you are looking for the creation of large number of rounds in a short period of time, your progressive press has the option. It’s really a matter of what is most important to you.


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