11 Reasons Why Biometric Gun Safe is a Smart Choice

Biometric gun safes are generally more expensive, but this is for a good reason and if you are looking for quality, you will have to spend a few extra bucks. Sometimes the price also exerts a sense of being more trustworthy, but if you need a trustworthy safe, we recommend looking at some of the top brands. So, what are the benefits of having a biometric gun safe and how can they make your life easier:

Benefits of Having a Biometric Gun Safe?

  1. Fingerprint Technology

    The benefits of having fingerprint technology will bring a new sense of uniqueness to your safe. You will rest peacefully knowing that you are the only one with access to the safe and that you can control every person that has access to your safe. This can make it the ultimate place of safekeeping and no one will ever get inside without your knowledge.

  2. Faster Access

    The standard mechanical safe may seem secure because it takes longer to open, but the truth is that biometric technology will give you the added speed of technology. This will cut the time in half that it takes to open your safe. Faster access can really make a difference in critical situations and with faster access comes better security.

    When you are caught in a dangerous situation, it could really make the difference between life and death and you will not want to put your family’s life at risk. Most of these safes also have an added gas strut or hydraulic opening system. This will make it even easier for you to access your firearm and always be on guard.

  3. No Passwords or Keys

    These are used by defense agencies and they are extremely difficult to get a hold of. The biometric scanners generally cost a lot of money, but they will make sure no one can enter.

    A Biometric Gun Safe Could Help Save Your Life
  4. No Need For Added Lighting

    If a safe is not powered in some way or another, you will need to add lighting manually to see what is inside and you might also need to use the torch if you cannot find the perfect lighting, but most biometric safes do have their very own internal lighting features to make life easier for you and to ensure that you can find what you need.

  5. No Need For Backlit Keypads

    Our mind generally remembers things that we see or come across a lot and with keypad safes, the backlit keypad is required for night use, but this can put strain on the safes battery and you will need to fork out a few bucks every few months to replace the battery.

    With a biometric keypad, this will not be the case and it will be much easier to ensure that the safe is ready to access. If you cannot remember where the scanner is situated, you can simply just feel where it is and scan your finger, thus gaining fast access.

  6. Technologically Improved Security

    While many argue that manual locking mechanisms are better, the fact of the matter is that technology is advancing and things are improving. Biometric locks are often faster and they can even go into a state of total lockdown. This will make it nearly impossible for an intruder to get through the lock and in most cases, they will give up.

    While many people may rely on the standard shell and safety features provided by traditional safes, the biometric gun safes will ensure that you have extra safety. As we already mentioned, it has been tested and found that intruders will take up to three times longer to pry their way into a biometric gun safe on full lockdown and technologically advanced locks will provide a much more reliable locking feature than traditional safes.

  7. Added Bonus Features

    We have seen a safe that can be accessed via an app and most other biometric safes do have a tamper control installed. This means that if someone enters the wrong finger for too many times, the safe will shut down and you will need to open it with the added manual override key. This might not be ideal when it comes to a malfunctioning scanner but it does add another element of security to the overall structure of the safe.

  8. They Are Great For Office Use

    Sometimes you cannot always be present with the keys to open the safe and then you might need to leave them at the office to give the coworkers access to the things they need to continue working. But with certain biometric safes, you will be able to load up to 120 different fingerprints and when someone is fired, there will be no need for changing the code and you could simply just remove their fingerprint from the database.

  9. More Childproof

    While this cannot be said of all biometric safes, the better ones are more childproof and some of them even have built-in notification systems that will make a loud noise when someone is tampering. These safes are codeless and your children will not be able to accidentally see the code and gain access to the weapons inside as this can be really dangerous.

  10. They Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

    The biometric lock has really improved the imaginations of safe designers and they are able to use these smaller locking systems in more versatile shapes and sizes that can be mounted nearly anywhere. We do recommend choosing a shape that is not only fancy but will also provide you with the adequate security needed to ensure that everything is safe.

  11. They Will Give You More Peace of Mind

    Safes do this in general, but having a faster access safe with advanced security features and tamper alerts will definitely improve the peace of mind you have. Now you will be able to have a comfortable night’s sleep without having to fear that you could be caught off-guard and that the children might do harm when accidentally opening the safe.

What are the Drawbacks of a Biometric Gun Safe?

Every system will have its flaws and it is better to know these flaws in the beginning and you will have the ability to avoid them. If you know the advantages, you will have the added ability to use them in your favor and your biometric gun safe may become much more than just something that protects your firearm.

  1. Malfunctioning Error

    As with all software, we can always find flaws. The fingerprint scanner may become dirty or when the batteries die, they may take a little longer to open and read your fingerprint. The most advanced fingerprint scanners now use a 360-degree angle for scanning. But the older and cheaper safes may force you to use one angle and this may drastically slow your access time.

  2. Vulnerability to Fire & Water

    While many people would not like to know this, but electronics are usually made of plastic and plastic is also the insulation method used to keep the wires correctly together. Unfortunately, plastic does not hold up to fire and even though the safe may be on lockdown, the fire can definitely cause a lot of damage to the biometric system.

    Water, on the other hand, does not go well with electrics and if water penetrates, it may spell doom for your safe. We recommend finding a safe with steel covers that is insulated by water and still has the ability withstand heat. They may be more expensive, but they will level out the cost with the years you could use it.

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