The SentrySafe X105 Security Safe Review

The SentrySafe X105 Security Safe ReviewSentrySafe is an extremely well known and trusted brand for gun safes. They have a wide selection of handgun safes and long gun safes with a vast array of models and prices.

The review below discusses one of the more reasonably priced and smaller safes available, which is perfect those customers looking for a discrete way to store their small guns and valuables.

Technical Specs

SentrySafe X105 Security Safe ReviewThe SentrySafe X105 gun safe runs on 4 AA batteries. This safe measures 17.1 x 10.1 x 6.6 inches. This safe is only 30.4 pounds so is easily mobile. The small size of this small pistol safe allows you to keep it virtually anywhere. Because of its easy mobility, it would be in your best interest to bolt the safe down. The pre-drilled holes allows you to mount it to any surface or area in your home.

This will keep someone from stealing the whole safe and breaking into it later after they have gotten away. This SentrySafe is made out of steel, but it is not thick and extremely durable.

If someone had the time, they could pound their way into the safe with some tools. If you are looking for the up-most security, this may not be the safe for you. If you are only trying to keep items away from children or someone with sticky fingers, this would work just fine.

Highlighted Features

This is not a safe that you would want to buy if you are storing irreplaceable family heirlooms. However, it is an impeccable casual safe. The compact size makes it perfect for an apartment, dorm room, or even in a bedside table in a larger home. Large safes are nice for holding most guns.

However, if someone were to break in, would you get to your large safe and open it before the intruders got to you or your loved ones? Probably not. This small safe can go next to your bed, or fit nicely on top of, or in your nightstand. You can keep your handgun close to you, without jeopardizing the safety of your curious children. You could also use it as a wall safe if you so choose.

Sentry Safe X105 review

Editor Favorits
  • The low price makes it easy for someone on a strict budget to secure their items
  • The small size allows the safe to be put virtually anywhere in your home it is needed
  • The safe comes with in override key in case the keypad were to malfunction or you forget your code
  • A bolt down kit with hardware is included to secure the safe. The safe includes a manufactures limited warranty

  • The steel is thin, making it a less desirable safe for extremely important items.
  • The safe is not fireproof
  • At only 30 pounds, the safe could be easily carried away if it is not bolted down
Overall, the general consensus is that the SentrySafe X105 Gun Safe is a good quality safe. It is not perfect by any means, but it gets the job done for your items. You can feel good about putting a pistol, a laptop, a camera or other similar items inside without worry. At this price, you are definitely getting a good safe for your money!

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