How to Hide a Home Security Safe from Children?

The next step in the process is usually to consider buying a home security safe to keep the valuables & weapons safe from burglary but are you sure that the safe will keep your children out. With television emphasizing tips and showing anyone how to break into safes, children are also picking up on the subtle hints. But if you are a conscience parent, you should never let danger take hold of your household.

After reading a few testimonies, we have set out to examine how you could make your home security safe perfectly childproof and even ways to keep your children from ever having the opportunity to access the safe. By understanding the following tips, you will be sure that your children will not be able to access your safe and put themselves in danger. These five features will make it easier and more peaceful in the household.

You will be able to know that the child will not have any access to your safe and even if they find a way, you know you have educated them enough and that they will be able to make a more informed and better decision. With that being said, let’s look at some of the tips to follow to perfectly childproof your safe:

  1. Check the Childproof Features Before Buying

    Many brands will take the childproof features extremely serious and they will emphasize the importance of keeping children out. One of the features included to make a safe more childproof is definitely the locking system.

    Certain biometric locks will let you down and therefore, children easily use common techniques to open the safe. The fingerprint scanner, however, can be manipulated to be more resistant to children.

    We recommend keeping a wiping mechanism close by. This will enable you to wipe the scanner after every use. The same goes for keypads and we highly recommend always wiping your keypads to remove any smudges that may give clues to your password.

  2. Concealment is The Best Weapon Against Children

    While children love to snoop around and explore the house, it will be better practice to simply hide the safe from them. Smaller safes may be perfect for doing this. Many brands like to focus on the hiding element in their design. By taking advantage of this element, you will not need to stress the fact that children will find the safe and have the opportunity to try the locking mechanism.

    Safes with the feature to conceal are available in many forms and beside the desk safes and nightstand gun safes; the wall safes offer the added element of height. By simply moving the safe higher, smaller children will not be able to access the safe and once it is hidden, they may be completely oblivious to the fact that a safe is present.

  3. Alarming Features

    Security features for the home are widely available on the market and simple alarm systems are easier to get hold of in this day and age. Having a tamper proof system added to your lock will be extremely beneficial.

    With today’s technological advances, it is easy to connect home security devices and alarms to your mobile phones and certain cameras will allow you the benefit of two-way speakers. Having one of these close to the safe will allow you to address the child immediately and also immediately receive notifications when they are in the vicinity.

    While this may seem expensive, it actually is quite affordable and it really is difficult to place a price on life and the value of it. You can be sure that all the extra cash you spend will certainly even itself out over time and thus you will be provided with top of the line security.

  4. The Mechanical Lock is Childproof in Itself

    The mechanical lock is free from any tampering and it is kind of impossible to try and break open these locks. Not only are they extremely strong, but they do not depend on batteries and simple tricks will not work on the locking mechanism as it is dependable on a key.

    Relying on a key may seem daunting to some with all the risks associated and how easy it could be to lose the key, but in reality, almost all electronic safes are also fitted with key holes and you are provided with additional keys as backup.

    By reverting back to the standard way, you can be sure that your safe is protected and that children will need the key to enter. Once you establish a secure place for them, it should be impossible for children to enter the safe and you will know that your safety and their safety are guaranteed.

  5. Educate Your Child

    While this may not seem like the ideal childproof mechanism, having a good sit down with your child and educating them about the dangers associated with firearms will add another layer of protection to the safe.

    Obviously, you will need to wait until they reach an age that will let them understand what you are saying, but psychology has already proven that children are capable of understanding danger from a small age.

    Another factor that may relate to this tip is the physical demonstration. If you are able to demonstrate the danger associated with firearms to your children it will build up into a mental picture and since pictures are much easier to recall, you will be able to know that children will not try and open the safe without supervision.

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