How to Make Your Gun Safe Fireproof?Recently, fireproof gun safes have been extremely popular. After all, it makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of modern technology and own a gun safe that is fireproof? That being said, continue reading to discover what you should do if you already have a fireproof safe, and how to fireproof your safe if it’s not already fireproof!

#1 Use Insulation

A key to having a strong fireproof safe is insulation. Seriously, if you want to fireproof your non-fireproof gun safe, add as much insulation as possible to it. Adding insulation is quite simple and even budget-friendly. In order to add insulation, you’re going to have to head to your nearest hardware shop to purchase some plush insulation.

It’s also important to note that the insulation you purchase must be flame retardant in order for it to be effective. Once you have your insulation, attach it to the walls of your safe. Essentially, the insulation will work to keep the inside of the safe regulated and normal when the outside is experiencing extreme temperatures and flames.

#2 Place Somewhere it Can’t Fall

This is something not a lot of people know or acknowledge. Basically, if you’re trying to fireproof your non-fireproof fun safe as much as possible, then you should place it somewhere that it can’t easily fall, such as concrete. The method behind this thinking is the idea that once a safe physically drops, the air inside the safe begins to drop as well.

The overall environment inside the safe is bad and generates heat and smoke. Therefore, the inside contents of your safe are more likely to burst into flames. It’s also important to mention that if your safe falls down a wall or your floorboards, it’s heavy and powerful enough that it might cause serious damage or even a domino effect in which more walls or floorboards begin cracking.

#3 Don’t Keep Bullets Inside Your Guns

While you shouldn’t keep bullets inside your guns for general safety fire arm reasons, you should also keep them separate from your guns for fireproofing reasons. A common misconception about fire arms is that a trigger needs to be pulled in order for it to shoot. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In fact, research has shown that fire arms shoot because there is a change in air pressure that causes the environment to get extremely tense and warm, which in turn causes a bullet to be released.

Well, guess what causes air pressure to change and an environment to be tense and warm? If you guessed fire, you’re right! So, if you experience a home fire and your guns are loaded with bullets, there’s a high chance they might go off, which could cause even more damage and possibly even contribute to the fire.

#4 Use a Finish

Old age is an aspect that makes safes more fire prone. If a safe is on the older side, they most likely have rust and corrosion. There are two things you could do in this situation: either purchase a new safe altogether or use a finish to limit the amount of rust and corrosion on your safe.

Using a finish is obviously the cheaper and more efficient option. If you choose to use a finish, head to your local super center or hardware store and purchase a two-in-one finish that protects safes from rust, corrosion, and any other harmful bacteria and conditions.

#5 Stay Clear From Wood

Another great way to make sure your non-fireproof fun safe is as fireproof as possible is to avoid using wood. I know, wood gun safes are trendy and aesthetically pleasing. But let’s face it: it’s not the most effective material when attempting to reduce the risk of your safe and items bursting into flames.

You can put all the insulation, finishes, and even fire retardant materials you want inside your wooden gun safe, but it will never truly be as fireproof as metal gun safes. Also, the risk will continuously be higher for your gun safe bursting into flames. That’s why I say to save your money and lower your risk altogether by purchasing either a new fireproof metal gun safe or a non-fireproof metal gun safe that you can make fireproof yourself.

How to Improve the Advantages If You Already Have a Fireproof Safe?

If you already have a fireproof safe, that’s awesome! But, it’s ultimately your job to keep it in good shape and make sure that it remains effective over the years. That being said, make sure you maintain your fireproof safe.

#1 Maintain it

Maintenance is easy. Just make sure there’s no dust or particles laying around your fireproof safe. Also, look for wear and tear. Since fireproof safes are typically stored inside, it takes a lot of effort for them to grow wear and tear, but you never know what could happen.

It’s important to maintain your fireproof safe because if you find anything unusual or worrying, you can take care of it right then and there or even replace the entire safe altogether. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for a fire to happen to realize your safe isn’t working properly.

#2 Check Ratings

It’s important to realize that ratings are constantly changing and evolving. That being said, your fireproof safe that was once the highest industry standard, might not be that great anymore.

That’s why it’s important to check fireproof safe ratings and information on a monthly basis. Therefore, if the ratings do change and your fireproof safe becomes the industry low, you have time to purchase a new fireproof safe before anything happens.

#3 Keep Valuable Items in it

If you have a fireproof safe, take advantage of it! Sometimes people doubt the validity of a fireproof safe, so they don’t keep their most valuable items in it. Well, if you have a fireproof safe, you should take advantage of it and store everything you would want to survive a fire inside it. Even if your safe is primarily used to store your guns, you still have room to store some prized possessions, such as letters and jewelry.


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