How to Build a Gun Safe Room in Your Basement?

How to Build a Gun Safe Room in Your Basement?A gun safe can be one of the wisest investments that a gun owner can make. This is the perfect way to be able to protect your firearms, so that you ensure that they are not stolen yet, you are able to access them when you need them, especially during an emergency.

For some, a simple safe just does not work for them. They may have several dozen weapons, making the use of a safe obsolete, or they may want a room where they can not only store their firearms, but all of the accessories that go with them. A place where they can be organized and feel safe about their equipment.

This is where the safe room makes for the perfect choice in your house. A location where you can protect your valuables as well as your family, especially when you are away.

How To Build a Gun Safe Room?

If this sounds like the ideal choice for you, know that your basement can be a great location to build your safe room. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Build That Wall

    The building of your safe room starts by choosing to set up the walls to maximize the strength of your existing structure. What this means is that you should be able to interlock the cinderblocks you are using for the safe room with the walls of your basement, giving you the maximum strength to hold your wall in place.

    You want this to be a room that is virtually impenetrable, especially if you want to provide a safe room for your family. Steel plates should be used to reinforce the concrete, making it even more difficult for someone to try to access.

    Also consider that you need to go beyond building of the wall to cordon off this area. You also need to fortify the ceiling so that a person could not smash their way through the flooring above to enter the safe room.

  2. Ventilate the Room

    Many consider ventilation to be a secondary concern, but you should not think this way. Even if all you intend to do is store in your firearms and other valuables in the room, you want to make sure that there is the proper ventilation to reduce humidity. This can cause rust or corrosion on your firearms, or lead to mold and mildew building up.

    If you intend to use this safe room as a location where you and your family can secure themselves in a dangerous situation, then you truly need to make sure the ventilation allows for fresh air to enter the room. Without air you and your family will quickly perish.

    Make sure the location where fresh air enters the room is camouflaged on the outside. No sense giving someone a way to try to figure out how to draw you out of that room.

  3. Attach the Door

    There are premade gun vault doors that you can buy out there and you should definitely consider buying one of these. They are already designed maximum strength and durability, and will come with a locking mechanism that fits your personal needs.

    You want to choose a locking mechanism for your door that not only secures it in place based upon the wall that you design, but also gives you the easiest access into the safe room when you need it.

    The access will be on the outside of the door, and if all you are primarily expecting to use this room for is to secure your firearms, then a standard combination lock may be sufficient. However, if you intend to make this a safe room for your family in an emergency, then a biometric or digital keypad may be the better option.

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