How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe for Maximum Protection?

How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe for Maximum Protection?Owning a gun safe to securely house your firearms may be one of the most intelligent decisions you will ever make. The truth is that a number of firearms related accidents occur each year because people have not properly secured their handguns and rifles, often leading to children finding them. Your firearms properly secured in a safe eliminate this risk.

The truth is that your safe is intended for more than just a place to store your firearms so your kids don’t get injured. This is where you want to keep your handguns and rifles so that a thief is not able to steal them.

Having a gun safe is a great protective measure, but you need to ensure that you properly install it so that it is kept secure. Just because your safe is heavy doesn’t mean that it can’t be stolen, so properly mounting it or locking it into the floor is essential.

What to Do Before Installing a Gun Safe?

If this is the kind of safe you have purchased, then know that by following some simple instructions you can have your safe securely mounted and fastened into place. To get started, you will need the following items:

  • Hammer
  • Drywall saw
  • Pencil or marker
  • Drilling machine
  • Drill bits
  • Nails, standard and finishing
  • Several ¼ inch strips of plywood
  • 2 inch screws
  • Ruler
  • A carpenter’s level
Your next step is to choose a location in your home where you wish to mount the safe. Before firmly setting upon any decision, measure the area to ensure that you have enough space to mount your safe. There should be ample space between foundation boards to fit the safe, and you should ensure that it will not stick out of the back end of a wall. You need to keep in mind that both sides of the safe must be hidden.

#1 How to Mount a Gun Safe to the Wall?

There are many great safes out there that are intended to be mounted within a wall of your home. By design, they are meant to be camouflaged by a picture, mirror, or similar object. This gives you the security of having your safe mounted securely into your wall, while also giving you the advantage of a camouflaged unit hidden behind some other object.

Now it is time to mount your gun safe. If you have properly chosen location, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Your safe will, with an outline that you place over your wall to trace the space needed for you to cut and placed the safe in your wall. Using a carpenter’s level, place the tracing paper directly below it when you have determined that the level is parallel to the floor, then trace your outline.
  • Take your hammer, and drive a nail into the center of the area that you have marked. You will need to use this as a knob so that you can pull out the wall once you have made your cut.
  • Using your drywall saw, begin to carefully cut along the lines that you have traced. When you are finished, use the nail that you pounded into the center of the wall to pull out the piece you cut.
  • Take the plywood strips and fill in the space between the wall where you made the cut and the back wall. Use your finishing nails to fasten the strips of plywood into place so that it creates a frame around the area where you will mount your safe.
  • Now, insert the safe into the area you have cut. Make sure that it fits all the way to the back wall so that it is completely flat against it. If the safe is not completely flush with the forward wall that is perfectly okay.
  • Open the safe door and remove any shelves. Now, using your drill, drill the screws into the wall studs to firmly fasten the safe in place. It is likely that the safe has come with screws you are to use, so make sure that these are the screws.

You are now done. With just a few simple steps, your safe is securely mounted into your wall.

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