Homak – Making Versatile Gun Safes Since Five Decades

There are many companies offering safes and lockers in varied sizes and shapes, however, there are only a few manufacturers who have mastered the art of producing safes for guns and rifles. Storing guns and rifles in regular safes will not keep them organized or secure from any threat. Gun safes are specifically designed to accommodate and arrange a variety of firearms, sometimes even allowing the storage of an entire collection. Homak is a gun safe manufacturer, with over fifty years of experience in the same business. Homak has been able to keep up with industry standards and advanced technology in the production of strong safes for guns.

Why Choose Homak Safes?

  1. Security

    Homak gun safes come on all sizes, able to have room for all types of guns, pistols, rifles or ammunition. A users collection starts from anywhere between one gun to multiple types of firearms in large quantities. In order to be able to store all these securely, far from the reach of children and irresponsible adults, the owner needs to safe guard them in a strong gun safe. Even though gun cupboards and display cabinets are popular, a simple key is not enough security to keep them out of harms way.

  2. Features

    Homaks gun safes come with an overall 7/8″ in thickness. This thickness in metal sheets is one of the best in the industry. The thicker and heavier a safe is, the harder it is to be broken into. The strength of the metal will keep the safe from breaking in adverse situations, especially when a burglar is trying to force open or break it with heavy tools. Strong impacts like earth quakes or hurricanes can also damage weak metal, where in, there are dents and openings which make the entire safe vulnerable.

  3. Accessories

    There are number of organizers that the homak safes come with. These include customizable racks and plastic containers. These accessories are a great way to organize all of the possessions one owns, especially in a large safe. Without organization, it becomes increasing difficult to find what the owner is looking for. This is perilous in case of an emergency. In emergencies, the user should be able to locate the gun in the shortest period of time, therefore, a messy safe will not help such matters.

  4. Types of Safes

    Homak makes concealed wall safes. These wall safes are able to fit in between studs in the wall. This is a completely secure way to install a safe, as it can be covered with a painting, camouflage or heavy furniture. This makes it difficult for anyone to locate where the safe in the house is situated, decreasing the chance of burglary. The safes are bolted down to the back wall or floor, making it impossible to relocate them. The bolts are provided with all of the homak safes.

    The second type of safes are the box safes, which can hold small guns and pistols, these safes are for those with guns bought as security. These safes will also have room for other valuables. It is an affordable safe for anyone with a small space, less items to store and with no intention of increasing their collection in the future.

    Finally homak makes gun cabinets. There gun cabinets come with multiple locks and racks. Each rack is designed to fit a certain type or firearm. There are smaller areas to hold guns and pistols, larger and longer spaces to hold rifles. These cabinets will the entire collection organized and easy to grab when in need.

Users have given homak the best reviews when it comes to their organizational and safety is concerned. They are some of the more affordable safes available. They are provided with the right accessories and come in sizes suitable to all types of gun safety needs.

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